Tj’s HaiKu Challenge… Containers

((( Reposting for the last day of 2016 -kia)))


In the spirit of Christmas decoration put away, we have our buckets out for the tree ornaments and home interior decorations. I first learned of TJ’s Challenges from Edwina’s Episodes and have been enjoying them since Christmas. and Here and Here. They have given me a chance to stretch my wings a bit and expand exercise my HaiKu.

What usually and traditionally starts for us on the weekend after Thanksgiving now decrescendos into the New Year, waiting patiently and expectantly for the Holiday Season to come again.

Thus, my Quartet of offerings for TJ’s Challenge… Containers.

Containers of Our Love
Red, blue, green and gold
Memories both new and old
Each year, more buckets

We try all season
Think of many reasons to
Reduce what we keep

Simplify is king
But that is really the thing
Christmas joy isn’t.

Each trinket gathered
Tells of one that mattered
Sharing Christmas too.


9 thoughts on “Tj’s HaiKu Challenge… Containers

  1. A lovely quartet and thanks so much for sharing! Our tree is still up and I can feel it accusing us of laziness each time I enter the living room. You have inspired me to return it to the twilight zone.

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