Tie Tuesday: My Christmas Redsox Tie

Coming from Kansas as I do, we don’t have any purely Kansas professional sports teams. We have to borrow Missouri’s teams from either Kansas City or St Louis. The NFL Cardinals actually followed me here to Arizona right after I got here. 

When I got married to a Massachusetts girl, I inherited all her family’s teams. And by family, I mean her dad’s Patriots, Redsox, Celtics and even the Boston Bruins of the NHL, which we never actually watch but nonetheless are OUR team on the ice. (Yes, I have a Bruins tie too)

Here’s a Christmas gift to myself that I picked up this year from an actual tie store in the mall. One of the few I paid full price for, as I couldn’t find any Redsox or Patriots ties in the local boutique “Bonne Volonte”, otherwise known as Goodwill. The plan is to wear my Bruins tie tomorrow, the Pats tie on Thursday and our Patriots Jerseys on Friday for work leading up to the Superbowl on Sunday against the Atlanta Falcons. 

Go Pats!! 

Back to work after a Monday off… brutal. But the tie will keeps me in the mood to work with Sunday on the horizon. Have a great day. 


This is what should happen when employees refuse to do their jobs

(Sorry, not going to do the ‘comments’ thing on this one. My apologies beforehand. -kia

You’re Fired!! Good Riddance.

When you work for the Elected President of the United States, you do your job or you go home

Attorneys General, even acting ones, serve at the pleasure of the President, even ones they might personally disagree with, and they work for him, not the other way around. Refusing to enforce the legal and lawful directives of your boss is grounds for dismissal in almost any other line of work other than governmental. And if she were in a Military General, instead of just an Attorney one, it would be grounds for Court Martial or even Imprisonment.

God knows we’ve had the last eight years with a President that refused to enforce existing Federal Immigration Laws and even Executive Ordered himself an Unconstitutional Deportation Deferment Program telling everyone he thought he could legally ignore those laws if he wanted to. Neither the American People or the US Congress had Political Will or the nerve to fire him by impeachment or not reelecting him in 2012, and he didnt take the honorable way of resigning either. I guess the rotten apple doesn’t fall to far from the tree. 


President Trump fires acting AG Sally Yates for refusal to enforce immigration executive order

Read the Whitehouse statement… 

It says the Executive Order was “approved as to form and legality” ie. pre-screened as legal thru the Justice Department she was Acting Head of before he signed it. Her actions were pure political Kabuki theater. She should have just resigned if she felt she couldn’t follow her boss’s directive.

Here’s how it goes in the Real Work World

You don’t want to do your job? We can make that happen. It’s what happens in the real world. Good on President Trump. If she couldn’t do her job in good conscience she should have just resigned rather than attempt a mutiny. That would have been the honorable thing to do. But no. Like the good Obama/Hillary Progressive Democrat that she is, instead she chose to order her subordinates to refuse to enforce her boss’s lawful orders. She ordered her employees to disobey a lawful order. Not just insubordinate, but rebellious and mutinous. Oh yeah, you’re Fired alright. 


Monday Poetry: “My Morning Routine”

Hat Tip to Mac Davis

“… but I’m doing the best that I can”

Humility is one  of the Greatest Virtues. Without Humility, you would never be able admit when you’re wrong. Problem with that is… we are all wrong, all the time about most everything we say, do or believe. We just don’t know it yet. 

So thank God for Humility this morning. Here’s a small glimpse of my “Daily Humility Pill”. I hope you have a wonderful day full of Humility increasing activities and events. Just keep it between the ditches and you’ll be fine. 🙂


My Morning Routine

Oh lord, it’s hard to shave early,

when you wake at three ‘clock every day.

I cant so much as look in the mirror,

I’m ‘fraid wouldn’t see much anyway.

to shave my face gets purty gruesome,

I musta’ missed a whisker or two (or three?)

oh lord, it’s hard to shave early…

but i do it most every day

Ohhhhhhhhh……(come on now, all together)

Oh, Lord, it’s hard to shave early,….

(ad infinitum, ad nauseum)


My entry for Daily Post Prompt ‘Test’

Work Ethics and Job Pride

This is my Entry for the Daily Post Writing Prompt “Test”

“Every day is a Job Interview” -kia


I grew up in central Kansas during the 60s thru the mid 80s. Small town, farm community, hard work, honest labor. Lots have changed in 30 years since, but one thing that hasn’t is my strong Work Ethic given to me by my parents and germinated in the ‘good soil’ of of the American Heartland.

It has stood the Test of Time.

How about you? Where were you raised? Did you get the same Training and encouragement growing up to work hard and succeed? How do you feel about the differences today?

Tell me in the comments below.


Three Word Tales: “Robust”

Hat tip to Saintswest for the prompt. Three words, one story, miles of implications. Check him out here.
Here’s mine.

“Life is Robust”

strong and healthy; vigorous.
sturdy in construction
able to withstand or overcome adverse conditions.
Enjoy the day.

Xtian HaiKu: Tele-Ironic

“… but don’t ever leave”


The phone rings again

Been so long, can’t remember 

Sorry, wrong number


It’s not their fault if we haven’t told them, but it’s still sad that people we were once so close to and felt community with as Family in Christ almost never call or communicate with us. One family who once hosted a home group we were involved in lives just down the street from us. They haven’t spoken to us for several years after we left that church.

“The only reason Christian friends call us now is having misdialed or wanting us to go to their particular church.” -kia   

For us, this has been the toughest thing about Deconversion from Christianity. I was once the outgoing, make a friend anywhere, never unable to find community kind of guy. I loved people, loved serving them, loved teaching and encouraging them… and they loved me. They loved my wife, who was always willing to listen, pray for and with, laugh and cry along side anyone who had a need. Community meant so much more to us. The Family of God and our church was our home. 

Since leaving Christianity behind, we’ve tried to recapture that sense of belonging, that closeness in relationship with others, but it’s not the same. Sometimes I think that feeling, however authentic or artificial it is in the final analysis, is part of why some Christians stay in the church atmosphere beyond the ‘Best by Date’ that they know they should leave. 

It’s one of the most intoxicating and comforting reasons to stay, and in my opinion the most soul crushing and gut wrenching things when you leave. 

But as my quote, prompted by a real phone call this morning says… more often than not, it’s  just not Reality. Friends and ‘family’ who ‘love’ you and ‘Fully support’ you when you are there with them, reinforcing the shared community experience… are often the last to be ‘with you’ or even think or care about you when you aren’t.

Call me maybe?

“… oh, I’m sorry. I misdialed.” >Click<

This is the toughest part of choosing reality over the comforting myth. We still choose Reality every day.


Thoreauvian Thursday: Mind your Words, they have Power

Mind your Words


Words have Meaning ONLY in that they Carry and Deliver what we fill them with…

  • as water to the thirsty soul… or poison
  • as Bread for the Body… or Stones 
  • as life to the Dead… or Death to the Living.

Beware of the Seeds you Plant in the Soil of other’s Minds, Hearts and Lives. Plant for the Future Harvest to be gathered in. And hope there is more than just Dirt and Rocks left over after the Winnowing has been done.

… for they Carry Great Power