2017 New Years’ HaiKu: ‘Fresh Start’… again

(((Reposting from last year, just changed to 2017.-kia)))

Starting Fresh

beginning again

it all feels so very strange

desperately… fresh


“And now, a Message from our Sponsors…”

To all the Readers, Lurkers, Followers, Commenters, Likers and even the Haters… I’d like to wish US ALL a fantastically successful and prosperous New Year. May we be grateful and mindful for all we have and UBER generous with our Time, Talents and Treasure for others around us in need, who may have less than we do.

I’m starting 2017 in a VERY different place than 2015.

You may have noticed a change over the last two years and the posts and even the whole blog itself. The blog I had at the beginning of 2015 is not what I have now. It was still a personal blog, but the person and the blog were both decidedly Christian in flavor. While I still don’t consider myself atheist or non-theist, I do consider myself non-Christian.

Notice I didn’t say Anti-Christian (I love people)

At times over this change, I have expressed what SOME out there may see as Anti-Christian-ITY, but I cannot be Anti-Christian. Christians are people and I want to be very Pro-People, even if that means being perceived as Anti-Christianity from time to time by posting articles that reflect my changing and evolving understanding of things.

I offer my apologies in advance for the possible misunderstandings that these posts may engender. The Recovering Know It All is not a Religion Blog, not an Atheist Blog, not an Anti-Christian or Anti-Christianity Blog. This is a Blog that I hope reflects my love of Reading, Writing, Poetry, Life, my Family, Music and Whimsical Fun from time to time.

In short, it’s STILL a Personal Blog about a Personal Journey with many different hues, facets and flavors. Please don’t be scared or offended away by something you read here that isn’t to your liking or tastes. Like the weather in the State of Kansas where I grew up, the winds change quickly and so does the weather. Hang in there with me and we’ll find something you can Like, Comment on, or even Share.

Check out my About Page and My Bookshelf for more about how I tick and what I’m about. Again, thanks for Reading, Liking, Commenting and Following “The Recovering Know It All” and I hope 2017 is going to be a Great Ride for all of us.


10 thoughts on “2017 New Years’ HaiKu: ‘Fresh Start’… again

  1. One thing I love about personal blogs is the fact that they can go anywhere,and change direction whenever,and you stay interested because it helps you get to know people better. Looking forward to reading more this year. Happy 2016


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