Tie Tuesday: Sunflowers and Deconversion DTs

Picking up the theme again of ties, I present my absolute favorite tie of my regular collection. Sunflowers. 

It sure looks like brother Vincent could have crafted it but he didn’t. This one I’ve had for a few years and reminds me of a time I was a Follower of the Son. 

The story goes that Sunflowers track with the sun on its journey across the horizon just like we follow the Son whereever He goes. In Kansas and the Midwest, you’ll see whole fields filled with these guys. They’re weeds mostly that are allowed to grow for their nitrogen fixing ability and then tilled back into the ground as a sort of natural fertilizer. 

You see the parallel, right? We as Christians, are what started as Weeds, allowed to grow into beautiful new Flowers that become faithful and obedient Followers, then turn into good soil for Fruit Bearing and future generations. They give their lives for the Fruitful Harvest.

Now of course they are just Sunflowers and weeds for us but still beautiful all the same. The State Flower of Kansas where I was born and raised.

I awoke this morning with a common recurring dream I have of heading back out on Mission to South Korea, or was it Thailand with my mentor who’s been there 25yrs?

I’m all packed and waiting for the plane but I realize I’m missing something, this time it was an out of date passport and visa, and then I wake up. I’m back home in Arizona, in my bed, next to my wife and wondering why, eventhough I’m deconverted, my dreams are still strangely and repeatedly unaware of that? I’m not on Mission anymore. 

Does anyone else who has left Christianity recently have these dreams? Or am I just pining away subconsciously for more adventurous times… When I was a Human Weed turned Sonfollower tracking with Jesus where ever He leads and giving my own life for the Fruit of future Souls?

Recovery takes time. Christian DTs invade my dreams this morning.



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