For JB this morning

JB thought he was being Comedic.

Or… Why Angels cannot be defined or demonstrated to actually exist, let alone be proven to be responsible for moving the planets around the sun.

Silliness is not and argument, nor is it evidence. It’s just silliness.



5 thoughts on “For JB this morning

  1. Really enjoyed this. Not only quite an intelligent man, but has a unique ability to translate his intelligence in to understandable narrative. Great stuff. Wish he would slow down just a bit.

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  2. The fine tuning argument was especially impressive. As Carroll says it is perhaps the theists best argument, and the way he demolished it was brilliant.

    I must admit I used to ponder when I was young why the universe was so large. It was a challenging thing from a Biblical perspective as the Bible implies that ‘God’ is only interested in earth. After all Jesus was God’s only son so it would seem that he could not go through the whole cross sacrifice routine on more than one planet. This meant that there could only be people for salvation on earth. But then why create billions of planets? The only answer that made sense to me was to show how great God was.

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