Poetry for the Journey: “Another Less Traveled Road”

(( Reposted on an overcast Sunday night))

With Courage and a Sturdy Walking Stick…

I was recently commenting on a Blog Post of Victoria’s that she did regarding her gratitude for the members of her Blog Community on her Blog Victoria Neür☼N☮☂eṧ, a Blog that has been very influential and informative in my Journey in the last half of 2015, when I got a response back from another compatriot who has an equally helpful and well written Blog called Evidence Based Reality. You should go check them both out ‘forthwith’. His response prompted a Poetic Reply (as I am want to do from time to time) from me to him about the Journey and what is truly needed.

Here then is my poem for a “Shelldigger”. I hope you enjoy.


Another Less Traveled Road

(en homage to R.F and travelers everywhere)

roads are rightly meant to be trod,
with or without a god.
all one needs for such dirt or sod,
is a good pair of shoes with which to be shod,
and a sturdy walking stick.


7 thoughts on “Poetry for the Journey: “Another Less Traveled Road”

  1. I just now got around to hunting this down. Thanks for the shout out, the dedication, and the plug!

    That poem of yours is pretty damn good 🙂

    I’ll be clicking the “follow” button right after I click submit for this comment. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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