The Cooperation of Life shown by Cell Biology

The Facinating Story of Evolutionary Biology

To think that individual Humans are not just One but Many, drawn together over the aeons, becoming dependant and interdependent on each other,  increasing more complexity and evolving further by Cooperation than they might have separately. 

We being Many are One

We were literally Created and are Sustained by the Cooperation that has happened and is still happening throughout Evolutionary time. Why is it that we have such a difficult time seeing this on a societal and political level? We being One, are Many yet still meant to be One. 

Stronger Together? Then Stop Dividing by Race and Gender

We function better as individuals and as societies when we find ways of Cooperating Together for the common good and benefit. Let’s work to make that more so. In a real way, societies are just collections of individuals like our individual bodies are collections of cells and even the cells are collections of sub parts. I’m not a scientist or a sociologist, but working, living and functioning together in cooperation seems to be key to survival and the evolution of our species. So why don’t we cooperate more? 

In the Name of Love

Honoring Dr Martin Luther King Jr today, let’s all find ways to drop the weapons of hate and division, and start looking for ways we can cooperate and Evolve as a society. Love really is the answer. Love for our fellow person shown in Respect, Justice and Cooperation.



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