Xtian HaiKu: Surrender

Culture wars are fought

With wit and Intelligence

Neither you possess. 


You’re not that Comedic and you ridicule scientific inquiry and understanding. Seems your real war, Amanda, is against reality itself. I’m sorry, but I won’t be continuing with you or your father in that Sojourn. I’d rather surrender the discussion than my sanity and rationality. Toodles. 



21 thoughts on “Xtian HaiKu: Surrender

  1. Yes she’s gotta gun,
    Cos her life once came undone
    What has Daddy done.

    Jesus filled the void
    Now her life is one of bliss
    Brain washed by the bull

    She likes David Wood
    David Wood had a hammer
    Stove-in his dad’s head

    Yes she’s gotta gun
    Everything is fine and dandy
    Want to play β€” β€” ?

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  2. I want to take this moment to accept my award formally:

    Special thanks to my informant, for letting me know I was featured (again). lol. I’ve never followed this blog, and KIA wisely took my advice not to link back to the Sojourn anymore. So I wouldn’t have known I was getting under his skin, without your help! (You know who you are.)

    I want to thank the ancient Chinese people, for inventing the Haiku, which has kept dozens of people entertained today.

    And I want to thank KIA, for leaving the conversation without drama and fanfare…. er–well–trying to.

    I’m not a Pastor.
    You are not funny at all.
    And have a great day!
    –guy who signs every insignificant comment he makes


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