Thank you, President Obama

While it’s tough to agree with everything a President does while in office, I know that you always did what you thought was right and best for the country from your perspective. Even when alot of people were in opposition and disagreeing with you, you stood your ground and held to your convictions. You got a lot done and change happened in the country and the world under your watch. To be fair and honest, both good and bad. 

Thank you President Obama for being our elected and re-elected President of these United States of America. You still have many good and long years ahead of you. I’m sure that your commitment to the People you have served these last eight years will not end when you leave office today. Citizenship, statesmanship and engagement don’t end just because a person no longer holds a title or an official position and I doubt that your involvement will end with the inauguration of a new occupant of the Oval Office. 

Today, at the end of your tenure as President, I just wanted to thank you for your service and dedication to the office, and the people of the United States.



22 thoughts on “Thank you, President Obama

  1. You got a lot done and change happened in the country and the world under your watch. To be fair and honest, both good and bad.

    Isn’t that true of every President? I just said to my husband last night that I thought Obama gets a bad rap in many instances. I also don’t agree with everything he’s done as president, but overall I feel he’s done a pretty good job considering that he inherited a tanked economy. Who in the world thought that was going to be a quick fix? Something that enormous would surely take years, even beyond his presidency, to correct.

    This is a nice tribute, kia.

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  2. I wish I could “love” this post! Very positive! As a Brit I looked at America as a beacon of hope when Obama was elected president. In Britain there has never been a black prime minister or actually a people’s prime minister. When America decided to be a vessel of change I was excited that we (Brits) will follow suit not knowing that 8 years later we will all be taking several steps back in society. Anywhooo back to my original point (before I write a full on blog post) This piece is GREAT!

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  3. I just plain liked the man. I felt he represented America with class, elegance, and dignity. Yes, he had some screw-ups but overall, I felt he did a lot of good for this country. It’s just unfortunate that prejudice prevented many from seeing this.

    I agree with Ruth — nice tribute.

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  4. Leaving aside all policy issues President Obama showed grace and poise in office and was the very epitome of Presidential.

    As an aside I was interested to see that almost the last actions of his presidency was to order two large military attacks that received little press coverage, an attack on ISIS in Libya and another on a Al qaeda affiliate in Syria. These attacks included a B52 bomber and B2 Stealth Bombers and both reportedly led to large casualties.

    I mention this last item because many people argue that President Obama had been soft on terror. It is interesting how all of us see events through an ideological prism, just imagine how the news media would have focussed on these two attacks if they had occurred next week, (and this would have been the case even if Hillary Clinton had won).

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    • Hello Peter. I still struggle to understand how powerful the ideological filters are. I know people I really respect, people I admire, yet we couldn’t agree even on the simplest things about either President Obama or Fox News. We learned to not talk about these things around each other. It never strained our relationships other than censoring what we might say about something. I wonder if that is why eye witness testimonies are so unreliable? Or why two people who get along great will disagree on a third person, with one liking the third person and the other disliking them. I remember in my early 20’s getting into a heated weeks long disagreement with a boy my age. He was sure that employers were more important in a job than workers. I was sure that without workers the employer wouldn’t be able to produce the product. It was simply an ideological way of seeing the world, I was people oriented, he was corporate oriented. He wanted to go into the business world and raise up the corporate ladder and I wanted to go into health care and help people. Hugs


      • Scottie I used to think it was just religion that impacted peoples judgement but I see it applies to pretty much all aspects of life. On so many issues the facts are less critical to a conclusion than the presuppositions we bring to the issue.

        What frustrates me is the implied attitude of some folk that they are logical and free of bias. That is a very bold assumption to adopt and almost certainly wrong, if we are truly honest we will admit that each of us struggle to look at most issues truly dispassionately.

        The challenge is to get on amicably with those of differing opinions, sadly becoming less and less the case in modern society so influenced by social media, and both extremes are at fault here. There is a fascinating article here on Jerry Coyne’s blog that provides some food for thought:

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        • Hello Peter. I have been following the post and comments you mention. However I have pretty much given up as the comments seem to be going in circles now. I agree with you that everyone has biases and not all understand logic. I do not understand the principles of logic and I understand there are several ways to use logic. I prefer reason. I can reason while I don’t follow logic well. I think it also comes down to that we never see ourselves as clearly as others see us. It doesn’t matter if it is good or bad, we have blind spots or misconceptions about ourselves. Yet we are so sure we see others clearly. I watched a news show personality who always says he will talk about a person’s actions but never their motivations as he could not read their minds and did not know what was in their hearts. I like that so much I try to remember that when I am disagreeing with someone.

          Oh and one last thing. Some time ago you asked me to withhold judgement on a person and please not to just take others people’s opinion of them. I told you I would reserve judgment and make up my own mind. I have and sadly I did not find the person in anyway redeemable. I agree with Arks assessment of the person. I was quite offended by the way he continued to talk down to me regardless of where the conversation went and I got tired of his constant attitude of superiority. I found him slippery. He was hard to pin down to definites and he would use very large generalities such as “critical scholars all agree” when it was clear that not all did, or he would say “there is no debate about X” when in fact there was some clear debate over the subject. But that again is my opinion and I could be wrong. Be well. Hugs


            • Hello Peter. I thought logic had rules to it, where reason was free flowing thought? I must have misunderstood. I thank you for the link. I will be glad to read the post in a bit, I am just getting going this morning. Be well. Hugs


              • Scottie you are probably correct on logic and reason.

                The thing about logic is that it still requires people to make judgements along the way which can impact the outcome so even logic is not free from bias.

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              • Hello Peter. Sorry for ignoring your comment. Mike had stated something about needing space from me to protect himself and that he was not going to read my blog except now and again. SO I felt I needed to honor him by not showing up here. Things seem to have changed.

                I think you are correct. That is why some places I have read put rules on the paths logic can follow to try to take the emotion out of the reasoning process. I think that either way is OK, but I feel I get a lot better understanding if I let my mind look freely at all sides of an issue without trying to pen my thoughts into little boxes. Thanks. Hugs


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