Tie Tuesday: Purple Zebras.

Alright, not much purple in the tie, but hear me out

Take a tip from a zebra. In religious or political discussions, people are rarely just black or white, red or blue, all one thing or another.

Often, probably 99% of the time, we are a mishmash of different shades. We are individuals, which is why binary systems fail to tell the whole story of who we are, what we believe and why we do what we do and say what we say.

Binary systems are good for those who want to control narratives and ultimately people by sticking them in ready made groups to aim them at each other so the people are too occupied to see they are more alike, have more in common than they think. And so the people are too engaged in false rhetoric and ideological warfare to see that they are being controlled by the real enemies of their freedom.

Resist the control of binary thinking, politics and hatred. See people for who they really are. Zebras, Purple Zebras. Not enemies but just like you. Just different. 



4 thoughts on “Tie Tuesday: Purple Zebras.

  1. I like your thoughts, but with a different slant… God created us all in His image… There is no one better than another… Just as the potus said…black, white, or brown, we all bleed the same color blood

    I like what I have seen so far with our pres… Met with union leaders (all of which voted for Hilary)…and they say they would like to work with our Pres. to bring jobs back to the USA…


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  2. There is something to be said, ron and Bruce, for a willingness to step across ideological lines and work ‘with’ others you may disagree with if it helps to get jobs back to the US from companies that, because of over regulation and over taxation of business, have been chased overseas. Wouldn’t you agree that it’s kind of statemanly to do this?


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