Tie Tuesday, Children’s edition: Why have two when one will do?

Lookie what I found lurking in my closet. Admittedly, it’s been some time since I strayed past the few ‘old faithful friends’ in my collection. But this morning I made a discovery of sorts. Two of the same.

Both are from the Save the Children sold originally to raise funds for their charity that helps children and families around the world. The ties are designed with pictures drawn and colored by actual children they help. These two of the same were graced with an illustration called “Peace on Earth” by ten year old Risa. It reminds me of a Sunday school song I used to sing with the kids…

Red and yellow, black and white

They’re all precious in His sight.

You know the rest…

“Happy is he who takes their children and dashes them against the rocks”-ps137:9

Nah… probably didn’t make it into the songbook. 

The tie however has a nice bright rainbow with a yellow smiling sun overhead, shining down on a line of children from different countries and colors holding hands and representing the future promise of a united and cooperative humanity. 

“… and a little child shall lead them”-Isa11:6

With all the division, and hatred going on in the world and even in my own country for religion and politics sake, we can only hope to listen to the Hope of little children for a united and peaceful humanity. Here’s to Hope today. As I will pass on to one of my coworkers my second tie this morning, let’s all learn from the children to Give Hope and Bridge Divides and find a way to Live Together in Peace and Security. Give it away today. 



“Back toWork” HaiKu: Yes, I am Superman

No Kudos? Please…

No Kudos at work

do they really not see me?

Clark Kent with a Grin


Christmas had to end sometime…

Well, it’s back to work on a Monday Morning. We had Saturday, Sunday off to do housecleaning and now it’s time to pay the Piper. It’s going to be a long day. Enjoy.


For TJ’s Household Haiku Challenge – Watch

It’s time for TJ’s Saturday Haiku Challenge again and this week it’s “Watch”. I’ll let him do the honors:

Pocket Watch

“The prompt for this week is “Watch”. It could be your own watch, the dial, numbers, where it came from…anything that inspires you. It is all about playing with ideas. The best haiku are often a quirky look at a mundane object.” -TJ

Please check out his wonderful blog for more amazing writing. You will be glad you did!

My Story, My “His-Story”

This week for TJ’s Household HaiKu Challenge, I thought I would share the only three watches I own and the stories behind them. In recent years with the loss of my Dad in 2010 and my Mom is 2013 and then my twin Brother at just 48 years old in 2014, I’ve been thinking of and appreciating the concepts of Family, Continuity, and the Lineage that each of us carries with us, for better or worse, and our Responsibility to be a Positive Impact for good in the lives of the family members we have with us in the Time we still have… with them.

Don’t let anyone tell you to Deny your own Family

I wasn’t always so inclined. For most of the last 30 years, if you had looked at my life from the outside, you might have discerned a disregard for the members of my own family in favor of… well let’s just ‘kindly’ say… other more “Eternal” considerations.

At one time, until very recently, I thought, and with good Biblical merit and command, that to paraphrase Mr. Spock from The Wrath of Khan… “The needs of the ‘ministry’ outweighed the needs of the few”. The few being those closest to me and who had loved and accepted me as I was from a baby, my own Family.

Now of course I see things differently. I see that Life is Persistent. We ALL are parts of, or Pieces of, that Life. We all “Mark” the passage of Time as Pieces of each other and pieces of Time’s undeniable and irrepressible Continuum and Continuity from one generation to another. I AM my Father, my Grandfather and the Son at the same Time.

I keep these three watches as reminders of Continuum

The one I use daily is a simple Timex face watch, no numbers, no gadgets. Clear, direct, straightforward, it reflects my personality and basic traits. Next I have my Great Grandfather’s Railroad watch made in 1920, almost a hundred years ago and still ticking, keeping time and remaining a faithful reminder of the dependability of his son, my Grandfather, and the Firm and Steady love of my own Dad after him.

And I keep the Watch given to me by my Mother and Father as a Christmas gift long ago. It still runs and is a constant reminder that both of them reside in me, the softness and beauty of my Mom, and the toughness and hardworking nature of my Dad. Although they both carried great softness and beauty as well as dependability and resolution of purpose and identity.

As I get older, turning Fifty this year in June, I would like to think I carry these traits too in increasing measure. Time has a way of measuring you and growing you into the best character traits of those who have gone before so you can be an encouragement and and example for those who will follow. We are meant to “wind” them with the best of what we were wound with from our Families.  Now, for my entry and your consideration…

Pieces of the Continuum

watch 1

with each generation

another piece is added

gears measuring Life

watch 2

Eli’s was Elgin

made in Twenty, passed to me

great-grand-dad to son

watch 3

Mom gave me Jardin

for Nativity, simple gift.

Two bands, Three Pieces.

Two Bands, Three Pieces… All are One. 


My Journey pt 3: More Reasons I’m not Christian… anymore

Dusty ‘Dusting’ Jesus

I’m not Atheist, but after my own journey of investigating my own Faith with the same scrutiny that I previously discarded other religions and even denominations within Christianity, I could no longer hold on to just Faith Alone that my Christianity was True ™ in any verifiable and meaningful definition of that term.

I was a POD… I mean God Person

I was once a Young Earth Creation, KJV toting, Chick Tract carrying Fundamentalist Christian for 34 yrs (25 of those as what i call an “Avocational” minister in many different roles from Teaching, Preaching, Street Witnessing, Gang Ministry/Inner City Missionary, Missionary in two different countries outside of the US, Childrens Minister/Youth Pastor, Worship Leader, Discipler of Men and Home Group Leader.

There isn’t much besides Vocational Ministry (Paid, for a living) that I didn’t do. But once I found out the true foundations of my Faith, I really had no other choice but to ditch it and regain my life from the 34 years long clutches of this False Religion that had stolen it. I am doing so now by Learning and Listening, Reading and Thinking, Considering and Understanding whatever information I can get my hands on that had been kept from my by Churches that had Discouraged if not outright Forbade such free inquiry, skepticism, doubt and research as Blasphemous and Apostasy in the making.

Evidence for Knowing vs Faith for Believing

There are reasons that Christian Leaders tell their followers to stay Prayed up, read your Bible and “Cease to hear…” what might lead to questions they don’t want answers to. The reasons are… that there ARE Answers that will lead them away from their Faith as they did me.

Who AM I Now? 

As I said, I don’t necessarily consider myself Atheist at this point, most likely I would say I’m Agnostic about the question of God because if there IS a god/gods who created and sustain this existence, being outside of Time, Space and Nature, we would have no way of Knowing it or Showing it to be the case. And the fact that at least my former Faith rested on… “Faith” alone to the Exclusion and even intentional Ignorance of evidence to the contary, I assume most other Faith Traditions do the same and have the same or similar issues as mine does. I want to believe there may be a god/gods, but at least right now… I just don’t think we would ever be able to Know or Show it to be True in any “True”sense of the word.

Enjoy the Day. -KIA

My comment regarding Absolute Calendars and denying the ‘undeniable’

Thanks to JB for the opportunity

KIA February 23, 2017 at 12:48 am
Actually, Thursday isn’t Thursday in some places. In some countries, the calendar starts with Monday as the first day so Thursday is… Wednesday. Or ‘tree day’… (Or water, by the other calendar)
Calendars tell the day by cultural agreement of what day is what day. Really, without calendars Thursday would be quite indistinguishable from Saturday. Not absolute but relative. You might even say… “There is no spoon”… er, Thursday. Enjoy the day. -kia

Tie Tuesday: From vines, to grapes to wine and a Tie near you.

As I was bedding down last night, I asked The Wife ™ which tie to wear this morning to work for Tie Tuesday. The first thing from her sweet lips was… The Grapes. So, here they are.

Whereas we once thought of “Abide in my love”, we now just think of grapes and wineries. Here’s an article I did earlier on the Manipulative Nature of the “abide in me” teaching from John 15. Enjoy the day. -kia


I read a recent post on a Christian Blog I follow about Abiding in Christ, the vine to our branches.

It wasn’t a new concept to any Christian who’s read John’s gospel, chapter 15. I used to read thru the gospels and Acts of the Apostles monthly as part of my devotional reading and bible study. I’ve even taught the verses and chapter fairly regularly as part of my teaching/discipleship of other men down thru the years.

The message is that Life, Hope, Meaning and Identity itself is derived from and dependant on our continued connection to and subsistence from Jesus as our “life giving spirit”. (1 Corinthians 15)

Overall, the encouragement to remain connected and “life supplied” by the connection In and To Christ was a positive one, offering greater freedom and “abundant life” (John 10)

“For the sun is no sooner risen with a burning heat, but it withereth the grass, and the flower thereof falleth, and the grace of the fashion of it perisheth: so also shall the rich man fade away in his ways.” -James 1:11 KJV

But there is always another side of any coin

The same promise of peace and abundant life and loving acceptance and security “in Christ” offered just as sure a “promise” and warning of destruction, abandonment, hopelessness and loss of value and even personhood if you ever were to stray, or if any of His Branches should ever  “Leave” Him. 

This is the emotionally manipulative power of “Indoctrination” in action rather than simple teaching. 

Teaching is communicating and passing on knowledge and understanding. 

The process implies and in fact relies on a two way give and take, a teacher teaching and a learner learning, most of the time by asking questions, working things out, challenging answers and sometimes even changing the answers by mutual discovery. Learning is primarily an exercise in Discovery and questions.

Indoctrination on the other hand is not about Discovery and Questioning to understand or even Evaluate truths. It is primarily what used to be called “rote” learning. 

Everyone can remember High School History classes. Names, dates, people, places often devoid of meaning or context. “You don’t have to understand it, just learn it”. As most College students or graduates can tell you though, they “learned” it only for as long as they needed to hold on to it and pass the test or quiz or semi final. Then it was summarily jettisoned to make room for the next mass of ‘edible’ but indigestible information. 

Indoctrination comes at the Price of your Freedom

As Christians, we are taught to learn and study and assimilate material and ideas and concepts absolutely vital to our Eternal Survival, but never to question, evaluate, judge or Discover, much less reject, the truthfulness of the Truth ™ we are “learning”. 

This is how Teaching differs from Indoctrination and Brainwashing, to use a purposely loaded term, differs from Real Learning. The extra kicker is that the constant threat of Rejection, Punishment, Abandonment and Eternal Torture in a place called Hell loom in the back of the mind, always presenting the counterbalance of Fear to the encouragement to Faith and Love for a God who says he offers Unconditional Acceptance, Love and Forgiveness.

If love, acceptance and forgiveness have as conditions Remaining Faithful or not questioning, they are not Unconditional. Doubt, Questions, Discovery and Understanding by challenging and evaluating answers are enemies of this kind of Faith and Learning. There is always the Firebrand waiting to set you ablaze for the crime of leaving or doubting. The threat of Hell and Eternal Torment is enough for most “branches” to Abide in the Vine. 

But some, like me and others who have deconverted from previously long held beliefs and cherished memories, have had the courage to evaluate and judge for ourselves, challenge and even reject what we previously were taught, believed, and even taught to others to be True ™, after going on a Journey of Discovery and finding that they just were not actually true in reality.

Yet… The threats and taunts from others who are still believers like we were, afraid to question and unwilling to accept that they even could, come daily as reminders of the Fear we once called Faith.

One man’s “abide” is now become my “you better not leave”… motivated at least subconsciously by “…because I can’t”. My freedom is too much for them to bear. It beckons them to Freedom also. A freedom that they are taught to Fear on pains of Hell.

  • But what kind of life is that? 
  • To Fear the God you love? 
  • To Love the God you Fear? 
  • Why not find out if there is any Truth in what you believe to be Truth ™? 
  • If it were all just a bunch of Bulls#!t, wouldn’t you want to know?

“When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things.” –1 Corinthians 13:11 KJV

This is why Christian blogs Fear deconverts and Block, Edit and Delete our Comments on their blogs. But they have no control here to “stop the mouths” of those who don’t believe their Apologetics BS anymore.

My encouragement for Christians like I was is to Think for yourself. Start your Journey of Discovery today. Like, comment, share and subscribe to The Recovering Know It All. Let’s do this.


Good morning, WordPress


Our family has a new arrival. Baby Connor to my niece and her husband. I’m a Great Uncle again! Just wish my twin brother were still around to enjoy his newest grand. Life is Life. From Life comes New Life. We’re so happy and proud of her and hopeful for her new baby boy. Welcome to the World, baby Connor. -kia

Heaven at 8am

Sunday morning listening to Tchaikovsky, drinking coffee, reading while I hear the patterns of rain drops outside my window.