Tie Tuesday, Children’s edition: Why have two when one will do?

Lookie what I found lurking in my closet. Admittedly, it’s been some time since I strayed past the few ‘old faithful friends’ in my collection. But this morning I made a discovery of sorts. Two of the same.

Both are from the Save the Children sold originally to raise funds for their charity that helps children and families around the world. The ties are designed with pictures drawn and colored by actual children they help. These two of the same were graced with an illustration called “Peace on Earth” by ten year old Risa. It reminds me of a Sunday school song I used to sing with the kids…

Red and yellow, black and white

They’re all precious in His sight.

You know the rest…

“Happy is he who takes their children and dashes them against the rocks”-ps137:9

Nah… probably didn’t make it into the songbook. 

The tie however has a nice bright rainbow with a yellow smiling sun overhead, shining down on a line of children from different countries and colors holding hands and representing the future promise of a united and cooperative humanity. 

“… and a little child shall lead them”-Isa11:6

With all the division, and hatred going on in the world and even in my own country for religion and politics sake, we can only hope to listen to the Hope of little children for a united and peaceful humanity. Here’s to Hope today. As I will pass on to one of my coworkers my second tie this morning, let’s all learn from the children to Give Hope and Bridge Divides and find a way to Live Together in Peace and Security. Give it away today. 


My Veganism Journey

An amazing story and amazing facts to encourage Real Environmental Activism. If you really care about Global Warming and Climate change, put your Action where your Mouth is and go Vegan, or at least Vegetarian. -kia

Lizzy Ellison

I’ve bounced around from vegetarian to pescatarian, to vegan, and back to vegetarian, etc., for a little while now. This is why I have settled on veganism, and the struggles I’ve had with it, from a health and social standpoint.

Here’s the short story.


I began eating vegetarian because of moral reasons. As I began to become more aware of what I was eating, the moral lines between eating my pet guinea pig, or dog, began to blur with eating a pig, or a cow. So, I educated myself. I learned pigs can be more intelligent than the average three-year-old, and I saw how disturbing it was the way animals were raised, abused, and slaughtered, simply for our pleasure. We don’t need to eat meat, so it really is just for pleasure. I couldn’t look at meat the same. I would never put my pets through that. I decided that there was…

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For TJ’s Household Haiku Challenge – Watch

It’s time for TJ’s Saturday Haiku Challenge again and this week it’s “Watch”. I’ll let him do the honors:

Pocket Watch

“The prompt for this week is “Watch”. It could be your own watch, the dial, numbers, where it came from…anything that inspires you. It is all about playing with ideas. The best haiku are often a quirky look at a mundane object.” -TJ

Please check out his wonderful blog for more amazing writing. You will be glad you did!

My Story, My “His-Story”

This week for TJ’s Household HaiKu Challenge, I thought I would share the only three watches I own and the stories behind them. In recent years with the loss of my Dad in 2010 and my Mom is 2013 and then my twin Brother at just 48 years old in 2014, I’ve been thinking of and appreciating the concepts of Family, Continuity, and the Lineage that each of us carries with us, for better or worse, and our Responsibility to be a Positive Impact for good in the lives of the family members we have with us in the Time we still have… with them.

Don’t let anyone tell you to Deny your own Family

I wasn’t always so inclined. For most of the last 30 years, if you had looked at my life from the outside, you might have discerned a disregard for the members of my own family in favor of… well let’s just ‘kindly’ say… other more “Eternal” considerations.

At one time, until very recently, I thought, and with good Biblical merit and command, that to paraphrase Mr. Spock from The Wrath of Khan… “The needs of the ‘ministry’ outweighed the needs of the few”. The few being those closest to me and who had loved and accepted me as I was from a baby, my own Family.

Now of course I see things differently. I see that Life is Persistent. We ALL are parts of, or Pieces of, that Life. We all “Mark” the passage of Time as Pieces of each other and pieces of Time’s undeniable and irrepressible Continuum and Continuity from one generation to another. I AM my Father, my Grandfather and the Son at the same Time.

I keep these three watches as reminders of Continuum

The one I use daily is a simple Timex face watch, no numbers, no gadgets. Clear, direct, straightforward, it reflects my personality and basic traits. Next I have my Great Grandfather’s Railroad watch made in 1920, almost a hundred years ago and still ticking, keeping time and remaining a faithful reminder of the dependability of his son, my Grandfather, and the Firm and Steady love of my own Dad after him.

And I keep the Watch given to me by my Mother and Father as a Christmas gift long ago. It still runs and is a constant reminder that both of them reside in me, the softness and beauty of my Mom, and the toughness and hardworking nature of my Dad. Although they both carried great softness and beauty as well as dependability and resolution of purpose and identity.

As I get older, turning Fifty this year in June, I would like to think I carry these traits too in increasing measure. Time has a way of measuring you and growing you into the best character traits of those who have gone before so you can be an encouragement and and example for those who will follow. We are meant to “wind” them with the best of what we were wound with from our Families.  Now, for my entry and your consideration…

Pieces of the Continuum

watch 1

with each generation

another piece is added

gears measuring Life

watch 2

Eli’s was Elgin

made in Twenty, passed to me

great-grand-dad to son

watch 3

Mom gave me Jardin

for Nativity, simple gift.

Two bands, Three Pieces.

Two Bands, Three Pieces… All are One. 


My Journey pt 3: More Reasons I’m not Christian… anymore

Dusty ‘Dusting’ Jesus

I’m not Atheist, but after my own journey of investigating my own Faith with the same scrutiny that I previously discarded other religions and even denominations within Christianity, I could no longer hold on to just Faith Alone that my Christianity was True ™ in any verifiable and meaningful definition of that term.

I was a POD… I mean God Person

I was once a Young Earth Creation, KJV toting, Chick Tract carrying Fundamentalist Christian for 34 yrs (25 of those as what i call an “Avocational” minister in many different roles from Teaching, Preaching, Street Witnessing, Gang Ministry/Inner City Missionary, Missionary in two different countries outside of the US, Childrens Minister/Youth Pastor, Worship Leader, Discipler of Men and Home Group Leader.

There isn’t much besides Vocational Ministry (Paid, for a living) that I didn’t do. But once I found out the true foundations of my Faith, I really had no other choice but to ditch it and regain my life from the 34 years long clutches of this False Religion that had stolen it. I am doing so now by Learning and Listening, Reading and Thinking, Considering and Understanding whatever information I can get my hands on that had been kept from my by Churches that had Discouraged if not outright Forbade such free inquiry, skepticism, doubt and research as Blasphemous and Apostasy in the making.

Evidence for Knowing vs Faith for Believing

There are reasons that Christian Leaders tell their followers to stay Prayed up, read your Bible and “Cease to hear…” what might lead to questions they don’t want answers to. The reasons are… that there ARE Answers that will lead them away from their Faith as they did me.

Who AM I Now? 

As I said, I don’t necessarily consider myself Atheist at this point, most likely I would say I’m Agnostic about the question of God because if there IS a god/gods who created and sustain this existence, being outside of Time, Space and Nature, we would have no way of Knowing it or Showing it to be the case. And the fact that at least my former Faith rested on… “Faith” alone to the Exclusion and even intentional Ignorance of evidence to the contary, I assume most other Faith Traditions do the same and have the same or similar issues as mine does. I want to believe there may be a god/gods, but at least right now… I just don’t think we would ever be able to Know or Show it to be True in any “True”sense of the word.

Enjoy the Day. -KIA

For TJ’s Household Haiku Challenge – Calendar: “All is Now”

((Reposting from ‘earlier’ last year. Enjoy. -kia))

Time Blends into One


This week, for TJ’s HaiKu Challenge, he has chosen the theme of “Calendar” as a prompt for the Haiku we enter. He has said in his post…

This week’s prompt is “Calendar”. See what you can do with this. You don’t have to be literal about the prompt or use the word in your haiku. You could be writing about an actual calendar, a picture on a calendar or the idea of time itself. It is all about having fun and being creative.

So in the interest of creativity and consideration of the larger theme of Time and how we Mark its passing in various ways, including with Calendars, Watches and other such tools… I remembered a Youtube Video on VSauce I had seen earlier last year on the way we perceive the events that we call “Now” and the split second difference in how our senses pick up the information and input from around us and the Brain’s actual experience of those inputs.

Here’s another really cool Video about the brain’s ‘editing’ of how we experience the sensory input we receive. Amazing stuff.

“Time in a Bottle”… not so much

In a way, what we experience as Now is actually microseconds in the actual Past. And in the actual Now, our senses are gathering, as from the Future, what we will eventually experience as the Now, but again will actually be just ‘Echoes’ if you will of microseconds in the actual Past.

Dilly Dali-ing Around with Time

We think of Time, the passing from Past to Present in expectation of the Future, as a solid and concrete concept. Much like our Calendars and Watches. But in actuality, the marking of Time by

  • Seconds,
  • Minutes,
  • and Hours,

everyday by our watches and clocks, and…

  • Days,
  • Weeks,
  • Months
  • and Years

by our Calendars is a Tool we use to measure and demarcate what really has no definite boundaries, at least not in our Present experience. The truth is that Time is a Tool we use. We experience the Present as echoes of the Past gathered as from the Future.

So without further ado… my entries for “Calendar”

Party Invite

Future me echoes

what only Past me can hear

We are always late.


A Step Beyond

What is sensed as Now

is experienced after

Just beyond our grasp.


Calendars of Futility

Past and Now are One

Time is not Limited by

Boxes on a Page


I hope you have enjoyed spending Time with these and with The Recovering Know It All.


Remember and Never Forget…

In answer to Dax’s question today…

… 9-11-2001 was a “Faith Based Initiative”

Where was I on that morning? I was just waking up on my couch in the front room of my single wide mobile home because it was too hot to sleep in my bedroom.

It was some time after the first plane hit at 8:46am New York time, three hours different in Arizona. I had turned on the television to watch the news and started to see the images that would shape the next 15 years of all of our lives so far. Like the rest of the world, I was glued to the screen, the next pictures, the next report. Like a moth to a flame, a “rubber-necker” to a bad accident in the highway. I was magnetized by the horror of not just one, but two planes that had struck the commercial and financial center of our country. 

At first we all thought it must have been some small commuter jet that had just had navigational issues or other problems, a bad accident but certainly an accident, right? Then the second direct hit and the ball of jet fuel fed flame and dark smoke. “This was no accident”, I remember thinking as I stood in my pj’s waiting for some kind of rational explanation to come from the announcer.

Throughout the next hours and days though, there would be none. 

Just “shock and awe”, horror and fear, and terror. Our new State of War had begun against an enemy which had no set country, had no bright identifiable uniforms to tell the difference between combatants and civilians, no Them to be pissed at past what we started to hear about “Islamic Fundamentalists” and Radical Jihad. 

This was the “previously existing, now continuing on our country’s shores” Religious War of some small group of Fundamentalist Muslims that most of us had never heard of before or even imagined existed. They had finally succeeded in getting the full attention of people like you and me in mainstream America for their “Faith Based Initiative”.

Over there to here and now

What was only happening “over there” or in that tiny reconstituted country of Israel in the middle east somewhere… was now invading our morning TV sets. Someone else’s Faith Based Initiative had succeeded in Awaking a Giant. And we’ve all suffered the consequences of the Police State Surveillance and Militarization of our Local Police Departments as a result, as well as the loss of thousands of American soldiers’ lives as they have killed hundreds of thousands of ‘theirs’,  both Islamist combatants and innocent civilians. 

  • Drone strikes on civilians and families? 
  • Targeted assassinations with ‘collateral damage’? 
  • The Military Occupation of foreign countries ‘just in case’? 
  • Nation building with western cultural political and economic systems? 

Blowback? Fifteen years of …

  • fighting, killing, 
  • occupying, controlling, 
  • attacking, maiming, 
  • destroying, raping, 
  • torturing, assassinating…. 

We’ve become Them. We literally created Al Quaeda. We literally created ISIS. We created them in what we have done in their lands for decades and even centuries. And now, we have become the invaders, occupiers and destroyers, as we try to strike back and punish “them” for what they did to “us”, but when will it end? At what cost? 

Faith Based Initiatives Destroy Freedom

But I started this post reminding you that the horrific event we now memorialize along with the 3000 or so American lives that were so brutally taken that day, the attack on and destruction of the Twin Towers in New York, was a Faith Based Initiative of a small group of Fundamentalist Believers in Islam, radical Jihadist Muslims who were carrying out what they believed their Holy Book and God had told them to do. 

Just Them over There?

How similar to what other religions, like my former Faith Christianity, have done over the centuries when they have had the Freedom and Power to do so. Surely you have heard of the Crusades, the Inquisition, the Salem Witch Trials… “Google is your friend” and the unwelcome informer on the dirty secrets of Faith Based Initiatives of all kinds throughout history.

I remember differently now

If Faith can bring down the Towers in our generation, and be responsible for the torture and murder of millions just for not believing the same way, can Faith be trusted at all as an Initiative for Truth and Life?

I was a strong and firmly committed believer back then. I had no thoughts of these things as I watched the Towers fall that day. My thoughts were that the Fundamentalist Muslims were to blame because they didn’t have the Real Truth ™ of Jesus on their side, but a counterfeit of God, therefore they had no real Power to convince people they were right, and had only the tools of force and power and threats of terror and violence with which to spread their Gospel of “convert or die”.

I obviously see things differently now that I have deconverted from Christianity. Historically, Christians have done the same in centuries past when they have been able to get away with it. Not that they would now or today, even if they could. But… there is always a thought in the back of my mind, given some of the comments on my blog, and articles I receive and read on the blogosphere, that they just might. 

Faith makes people do crazy things in the name of their God.   Like… 

  • Crash planes into buildings
  • Attempt to exercise demons and almost kill in the process
  • Burning women alive for being ‘witches’
  • Stretch people on ‘racks’ or burn them for having a wrong concept of the trinity 
  • … take your only son to the top of a mountain to sacrifice him on God’s says so…
  • Murder all the villagers in the next town over because your Leader ‘told you’ they were Evil
  • As a govenment official, Refuse other people’s civil rights of Marriage, guaranteed by Supreme Court Ruling and the 14th Amendment of the Constitution you say you support 

Your Faith Based Initiatives in action… just like the Hijackers on 9/11. Always Remember and Never Forget…

9-11-2001 was a Faith Based Initiative.


Irony is Feyn by me

(((Reposted 2/23/17 as “You don’t really Know, but do you even want to?)))

From a post on THIS blog… (a response (?) to my post, now ‘Purged’ in the Monthly Reset)

​Dear Leader,

Any scientist who holds confidence in some faith-based belief does so only by segregating this belief from the rigorous method of science, and so their scientific credentials do not play any part in supporting their religious beliefs.

What was said most likely in irony is probably the most accurate and salient point of the post. Now THAT is irony in action. Freudian Slip? -kia

John’s post was seeming to say the scientists MUST have as much or possibly more faith than Christians for what they believe because, wait for it, wait for it … 


Or at least that’s how I understood his transparent and somewhat less than clever attempt at silencing those who criticize modern Christian Apologetics tactics, especially on the Internet. 

My original post, now Purged in the Monthly Reset, was to pass on the quote above that drew the difference in comparison with Questions that cannot be answered, and yet many people engage in the inquiry called scientific discovery in the attempt, and those Answers which cannot allow or stand questioning, criticism or evaluation, mostly religious or Faith Based answers.

John’s post seems to be creating a “Strawman of Ignorance”, as one commenter stated

Feynman’s quote: “…answers that can’t be questioned.” 

JB’s comprehension of the quote: “… answers that don’t need questioning.”

‘Can’t’ is not synonymous with ‘don’t need’. Honest.

So the rest of the post is based – as it very often is – on JB’s problematic reading comprehension, one that regularly and reliably produces straw men points, one that substitutes what he believes is the case but doesn;t bother to check is the case. His belief is good enough for him… 

I believe there might have been an additional point in there about using such tactics to ‘shame people into silence’… but either it’s been removed or I may just be mistaken. Either way, that would also be an equally salient point demonstrating the current tactics or many Amateur Internet Apologists today. It’s as if they are saying to those who would dare Question or Challenge what they just “Know by Faith” is True ™

“Strawman them, twist their words, mock them until they just go away and bless us with their absence and silence.”

Well, you don’t get to use  the Argument from Ignorance to support what you don’t know for fact, but only by Faith. Yes, there are a lot of things that science and scientific inquiry hasn’t yet figured out or discovered, that’s why people like Nobel Prize Winner in Physics Richard Feynman still Ask Questions. 

But just because they don’t have the Answers yet, doesn’t give the weight of evidence or validity to your positions that you only “Know” by Faith Alone. You don’t get to claim yours is True just because the other guy is either wrong or doesn’t yet have the Answers he’s looking for. That’s the point that JB needs to understand.  

(((Updated for a response to a response post to mine and my comment back to her)))

Thx for the link. I appreciate the delicacy of the situation of asking questions who’s ‘answers’ must not be questioned for fear of the possibility that they are wrong and I’ll founded in reality.

I guess it comes down to the question of whether you would really want to know if what you believe about God and reality is true or not. I believe it’s important to know, or at least want to know. 

For you, and many like I was once as well, it seems to be out of bounds to even want to know what you say can only be known by Faith. Thus, I conclude… you don’t want to know and don’t care about what is true or not in reality.

I am sad for you, but hopeful. At least you know what is at stake. -kia


The problem is that you don’t really know what you think you ‘know by faith’. The other problem you seem to have is even though you know that you don’t, you don’t seem to care that you don’t.

What do you think? What not tell me in the comments below. And thx for reading, Liking, and Following the Recovering Know It All.