Superhero Wednesday: Mr Incredible… at work and at home

(( UPDATED 2-1-17  Yay!! It’s almost back to normal after re enrollment time. -kia))

This time of year is the busiest and the most crazy for what I do at work. Prone to perfectionism and control freak that I can be sometimes, the frenetic pace of both the work and the changes that happen can make me pretty anxious and if I don’t maintain a good, positive attitude in what I’m doing it can really go down hill quickly.

I have to remember that I work with a team and not alone. I work for doctors offices to the benefit of patients who appreciate what we do for them and whose lives are made better by what we do. Even the smallest things I do everyday matter on a much larger scale, and they matter to families just like mine with mothers, fathers, brothers and wives just like mine. 

What I do matters. What we do as a team matters. So aside from all the craziness of the moment and shoulda, woulda, coulda of what goes haywire everyday as we do it, at the end of the day we serve people in need. People and families who without our help would be in a very different position without what we do everyday. 

It’s Superhero Wednesday and I’m Mr Incredible. Let’s go to work!



4 thoughts on “Superhero Wednesday: Mr Incredible… at work and at home

  1. As far as I’m concerned, anyone who works hard to provide for a family is a superhero. It is a damn hard job balancing work and family and I salute anyone who does it. Hail to Mr. Incredible!

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