Ah, the Champions of Free Speech and Progressive Liberalism are at it again… Just Smell the Tolerance in the Air

Riot Forces Cancellation Of Yiannopoulos Talk At UC Berkeley




Now, this should is how progressives prove they are just Fascists in Patriots clothing. 

I read an article yesterday or the day before asserting that Trump was in the process of staging a ‘Coup’ against democracy, and another blogger who had phrased her disgust with our elected President as having ‘taken over’ our government, her unspoken language and emotional undertone was as if he were not legitimately elected in November, winning over 300 Electoral votes, way more than the 270 needed to win, from the states according to the Constitution.

I suggest that it is not Trump who is illegitimate, Fascist or attempting to stage a coup… it’s the Progressives and Hillary supporters and the political Left in our country who have done nothing since the election but Protest, riot, cause violence and property damage, doing everything they can to delegitimize the outcome… Jill Stein even going so far as a Trumped up ‘Election Fraud’ recount in three States with no evidence at all, and the constant stream of news articlles on mainstream media touting that “The Russians” had stolen our election… again with no evidence that they had tampered with our process or ‘hacked’ our system at all, trying to provide false support to those who were trying propagandize and harass members of the Electoral College, by emails  text messages and even stalking them in their vehicles and at their homes… into changing their votes from the ones representing how their States actually voted in the Free election to their own Personal choices… of course for Hillary. They didn’t expect more members to defect from Hillary than they did from Trump (8 to Trump’s 2 by the way).

But even after that attempted Coup in the Electoral College and in the media, one that continues to this day and fuels this kind of anger, outrage and violence that we see in the news every day now… they still lost. And it’s been pandemonium and rampage ever since.

No, Progressives don’t give a rats ass S#!t about freedom, democracy or the Constitution. They want power and when they don’t get what they want…

Neither will you. Not even if that’s what you voted for or how the Election outcome turned out. For them, it’s not really about “F*ck” Bush, or Trump or Romney or Ryan… it’s about ‘if we don’t get our way… F*ck America, the Constitution, freedom and Democracy.’ And even on WordPress blogs, if you don’t agree with them it’s either shut up or get punishes. In other words… F*ck U!

That’s Progressivism today. The Progressive Movement has officially become a Domestic Terrorist Organization