Lunch break from the back yard

Just got back from the groomers, bringing the dogs back from their haircuts. Just needed to stop for a bite to eat.

  • Benevolent ‘fakin’ Bacon on onion buns
  • with home grown Lacinato ‘Dino’ Kale, 
  • a slice of Field Roast’s Chao Cheese 
  • and dressed with Guldens Brown Mustard 
  • and Mt Olive Sweet Pickle Relish. 

A very nice, delicious and refreshing Cruelty Free and healthy lunch so we can go back to the Yard work for the rest of the afternoon.



8 thoughts on “Lunch break from the back yard

  1. First time I have heard of fakin’ bacon.

    I first read farkin Bacon and did a double take as I know you are vegetarian!
    I must look for it in the shops.
    What’s it taste like?

    I’ll be honest, I have not missed the taste of meat one iota, so, oddly enough, I occasionally wonder why we eat meat-lookalikes.
    Weird right?
    I eat Fry’s vegan foods. Pies, Burger’s sausages etc.

    I have not seen/am not aware of any bacon substitutes made by them.

    Fry’s foods is a family business and they are based here in South African in Durban. They export all over the place
    Their stuff is top quality.
    The owner’s first name is Wally!

    (I kid you not)

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