Tie Tuesday: Valentine’s Day Edition 


Roses are red, violets are blue

If you had one in your closet,

You’d wear this one too.


Today is a day for expressing love to your wife, husband, girl/boy friend, ‘significant other’… As a Christian, it was for me a time to remind myself and others of the Love of God in Christ. But now, the day still serves as a reminder to show Love, Respect, and Acceptance to all people, ‘without respect of person’. 

Prejudice and bigotry, of any kind and towards any one, should have no place in our lives. We are not perfect and we all fail at times to express the ideal, but each new day is a brand new opportunity that never existed before. If you draw breath, you can bless instead of curse, educate rather than condemn. 

Choose to Love those around you today. 



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