Remember and Never Forget…

In answer to Dax’s question today…

… 9-11-2001 was a “Faith Based Initiative”

Where was I on that morning? I was just waking up on my couch in the front room of my single wide mobile home because it was too hot to sleep in my bedroom.

It was some time after the first plane hit at 8:46am New York time, three hours different in Arizona. I had turned on the television to watch the news and started to see the images that would shape the next 15 years of all of our lives so far. Like the rest of the world, I was glued to the screen, the next pictures, the next report. Like a moth to a flame, a “rubber-necker” to a bad accident in the highway. I was magnetized by the horror of not just one, but two planes that had struck the commercial and financial center of our country. 

At first we all thought it must have been some small commuter jet that had just had navigational issues or other problems, a bad accident but certainly an accident, right? Then the second direct hit and the ball of jet fuel fed flame and dark smoke. “This was no accident”, I remember thinking as I stood in my pj’s waiting for some kind of rational explanation to come from the announcer.

Throughout the next hours and days though, there would be none. 

Just “shock and awe”, horror and fear, and terror. Our new State of War had begun against an enemy which had no set country, had no bright identifiable uniforms to tell the difference between combatants and civilians, no Them to be pissed at past what we started to hear about “Islamic Fundamentalists” and Radical Jihad. 

This was the “previously existing, now continuing on our country’s shores” Religious War of some small group of Fundamentalist Muslims that most of us had never heard of before or even imagined existed. They had finally succeeded in getting the full attention of people like you and me in mainstream America for their “Faith Based Initiative”.

Over there to here and now

What was only happening “over there” or in that tiny reconstituted country of Israel in the middle east somewhere… was now invading our morning TV sets. Someone else’s Faith Based Initiative had succeeded in Awaking a Giant. And we’ve all suffered the consequences of the Police State Surveillance and Militarization of our Local Police Departments as a result, as well as the loss of thousands of American soldiers’ lives as they have killed hundreds of thousands of ‘theirs’,  both Islamist combatants and innocent civilians. 

  • Drone strikes on civilians and families? 
  • Targeted assassinations with ‘collateral damage’? 
  • The Military Occupation of foreign countries ‘just in case’? 
  • Nation building with western cultural political and economic systems? 

Blowback? Fifteen years of …

  • fighting, killing, 
  • occupying, controlling, 
  • attacking, maiming, 
  • destroying, raping, 
  • torturing, assassinating…. 

We’ve become Them. We literally created Al Quaeda. We literally created ISIS. We created them in what we have done in their lands for decades and even centuries. And now, we have become the invaders, occupiers and destroyers, as we try to strike back and punish “them” for what they did to “us”, but when will it end? At what cost? 

Faith Based Initiatives Destroy Freedom

But I started this post reminding you that the horrific event we now memorialize along with the 3000 or so American lives that were so brutally taken that day, the attack on and destruction of the Twin Towers in New York, was a Faith Based Initiative of a small group of Fundamentalist Believers in Islam, radical Jihadist Muslims who were carrying out what they believed their Holy Book and God had told them to do. 

Just Them over There?

How similar to what other religions, like my former Faith Christianity, have done over the centuries when they have had the Freedom and Power to do so. Surely you have heard of the Crusades, the Inquisition, the Salem Witch Trials… “Google is your friend” and the unwelcome informer on the dirty secrets of Faith Based Initiatives of all kinds throughout history.

I remember differently now

If Faith can bring down the Towers in our generation, and be responsible for the torture and murder of millions just for not believing the same way, can Faith be trusted at all as an Initiative for Truth and Life?

I was a strong and firmly committed believer back then. I had no thoughts of these things as I watched the Towers fall that day. My thoughts were that the Fundamentalist Muslims were to blame because they didn’t have the Real Truth ™ of Jesus on their side, but a counterfeit of God, therefore they had no real Power to convince people they were right, and had only the tools of force and power and threats of terror and violence with which to spread their Gospel of “convert or die”.

I obviously see things differently now that I have deconverted from Christianity. Historically, Christians have done the same in centuries past when they have been able to get away with it. Not that they would now or today, even if they could. But… there is always a thought in the back of my mind, given some of the comments on my blog, and articles I receive and read on the blogosphere, that they just might. 

Faith makes people do crazy things in the name of their God.   Like… 

  • Crash planes into buildings
  • Attempt to exercise demons and almost kill in the process
  • Burning women alive for being ‘witches’
  • Stretch people on ‘racks’ or burn them for having a wrong concept of the trinity 
  • … take your only son to the top of a mountain to sacrifice him on God’s says so…
  • Murder all the villagers in the next town over because your Leader ‘told you’ they were Evil
  • As a govenment official, Refuse other people’s civil rights of Marriage, guaranteed by Supreme Court Ruling and the 14th Amendment of the Constitution you say you support 

Your Faith Based Initiatives in action… just like the Hijackers on 9/11. Always Remember and Never Forget…

9-11-2001 was a Faith Based Initiative.



24 thoughts on “Remember and Never Forget…

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  2. They still are killing kids to drive out the demons in them. It is rare but it does happen. Plus all the ostracising and shaming in religious communities of anyone different. Thank you for this post. It is a way of looking at this I never thought of. I keep forgetting to many this is a religious war, a war over which god is more powerful and which god is the right god. Us humans seem to be unimportant in the war some have over the correct god. Ron and I were driving home from New Hampshire in 2001. We were coming around the beltway outside of Richmond. It was the main road around Washington DC. We saw no traffic and we were use to lots of traffic on that stretch of road. At some point we turned on the radio. At first we thought we were hearing a horribly bad joke, then started changing changing the radio channels. Every station had the same thing. Ron was upset and crying for the loss of life. I am a veteran and I told him that this means war. I was not even sure then who or what country, but I knew enough to know we would soon be at war with someone. It is our biggest answer to hurt. Someone insults us we lash out. If someone hurts us we get a bigger weapon and go after them. It is the American nature sadly. We don’t fix the problem, we simply stomp on it until we feel better. Now it has gotten into our political system of picking presidents. No longer does education and ideas count, it is the biggest swagger, the biggest threat, the best at name calling. As if every problem can be solved by a third grade angry name calling at recess. Great post. Thanks. Hugs

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  3. Although I agree with the bulk of this post and its central thesis that much of today’s terrorism – the intentional killing of masses of civilians for the sake of killing as many civilians as possible – is faith-based initiatives, I disagree very strongly with your claim that “We literally created Al Quaeda. We literally created ISIS. We created them in what we have done in their lands for decades and even centuries.”

    This is regressive Leftism in action, blaming ourselves for motivating the terrible actions of others. It’s like claiming all goodness in the world is derived from Christianity. It’s ludicrous upon examination. Al Qaeda is a product of Wahhabism. ISIS is a product of political Islam. Terrorist acts done in their names are done entirely for religious reasons that have nothing whatsoever to do with anything the West has done and everything to do with furthering these religious ideologies by violence.

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    • I can appreciate your POV. I think you may be misunderstanding me here though.
      AL queda of Bin Laden was the remains of what we supported in our efforts to get the Russians out of Afghanistan in the 80s.
      Isis is what became of the vacuum we left in Iraq when we destroyed the country in our efforts to punish Sadam hussein for a part he never played in 9-11 or the war that Fundamentalist Islam was waging on us.
      No, neither was created directly by us, but our actions and manipulations created them. Blowback is a karmic Bi!@#!
      (By the way… I’m soooo not a leftist. Lol. Libertarian politically, getting to be more liberally socially)
      Thank you for the comment


      • No, I don’t misunderstand. You’ve bought into the false narrative of the regressive Left. Neither Al Qaeda nor ISIS is a creation of the West. Nor is either a response to the West. It is a creation of religion. It USES the West in many ways to justify obtaining its RELIGIOUS goals by violence. But even if there were no West at all, these organizations would still exist; they’d just select a different target. That’s the role the West plays.

        But take away Islam and neither organization COULD exist.

        That’s the clue the Regressive Left pays no mind because it doesn’t fit the false narrative.

        You see, if it’s all our fault, then surely we can rectify it by first taking responsibility. That gives us the illusion of control. This illusion stops us from recognizing the obvious: these terrorist networks are religious organization and they draw their power and personnel from those who are susceptible to faith-based belief in Islam. Islam. Not QThat’s why you don’t find Quakers blowing up airports and setting prisoners on fire.

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        • Don’t know what happened there in my comment; it just decided to post before I could stop it.

          Oh well. My point is that until we understand why this narrative of Western guilt for these terrorist organizations is bullshit and identify the real culprit – political Islam – then we aren’t even facing the real problem. If we go along with the Regressive Left, we will fail to come up with real solutions to a very real problem that continues to get worse.

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