For TJ’s Household Haiku Challenge – Watch

It’s time for TJ’s Saturday Haiku Challenge again and this week it’s “Watch”. I’ll let him do the honors:

Pocket Watch

“The prompt for this week is “Watch”. It could be your own watch, the dial, numbers, where it came from…anything that inspires you. It is all about playing with ideas. The best haiku are often a quirky look at a mundane object.” -TJ

Please check out his wonderful blog for more amazing writing. You will be glad you did!

My Story, My “His-Story”

This week for TJ’s Household HaiKu Challenge, I thought I would share the only three watches I own and the stories behind them. In recent years with the loss of my Dad in 2010 and my Mom is 2013 and then my twin Brother at just 48 years old in 2014, I’ve been thinking of and appreciating the concepts of Family, Continuity, and the Lineage that each of us carries with us, for better or worse, and our Responsibility to be a Positive Impact for good in the lives of the family members we have with us in the Time we still have… with them.

Don’t let anyone tell you to Deny your own Family

I wasn’t always so inclined. For most of the last 30 years, if you had looked at my life from the outside, you might have discerned a disregard for the members of my own family in favor of… well let’s just ‘kindly’ say… other more “Eternal” considerations.

At one time, until very recently, I thought, and with good Biblical merit and command, that to paraphrase Mr. Spock from The Wrath of Khan… “The needs of the ‘ministry’ outweighed the needs of the few”. The few being those closest to me and who had loved and accepted me as I was from a baby, my own Family.

Now of course I see things differently. I see that Life is Persistent. We ALL are parts of, or Pieces of, that Life. We all “Mark” the passage of Time as Pieces of each other and pieces of Time’s undeniable and irrepressible Continuum and Continuity from one generation to another. I AM my Father, my Grandfather and the Son at the same Time.

I keep these three watches as reminders of Continuum

The one I use daily is a simple Timex face watch, no numbers, no gadgets. Clear, direct, straightforward, it reflects my personality and basic traits. Next I have my Great Grandfather’s Railroad watch made in 1920, almost a hundred years ago and still ticking, keeping time and remaining a faithful reminder of the dependability of his son, my Grandfather, and the Firm and Steady love of my own Dad after him.

And I keep the Watch given to me by my Mother and Father as a Christmas gift long ago. It still runs and is a constant reminder that both of them reside in me, the softness and beauty of my Mom, and the toughness and hardworking nature of my Dad. Although they both carried great softness and beauty as well as dependability and resolution of purpose and identity.

As I get older, turning Fifty this year in June, I would like to think I carry these traits too in increasing measure. Time has a way of measuring you and growing you into the best character traits of those who have gone before so you can be an encouragement and and example for those who will follow. We are meant to “wind” them with the best of what we were wound with from our Families.  Now, for my entry and your consideration…

Pieces of the Continuum

watch 1

with each generation

another piece is added

gears measuring Life

watch 2

Eli’s was Elgin

made in Twenty, passed to me

great-grand-dad to son

watch 3

Mom gave me Jardin

for Nativity, simple gift.

Two bands, Three Pieces.

Two Bands, Three Pieces… All are One. 



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