My Veganism Journey

An amazing story and amazing facts to encourage Real Environmental Activism. If you really care about Global Warming and Climate change, put your Action where your Mouth is and go Vegan, or at least Vegetarian. -kia

Lizzy Ellison

I’ve bounced around from vegetarian to pescatarian, to vegan, and back to vegetarian, etc., for a little while now. This is why I have settled on veganism, and the struggles I’ve had with it, from a health and social standpoint.

Here’s the short story.


I began eating vegetarian because of moral reasons. As I began to become more aware of what I was eating, the moral lines between eating my pet guinea pig, or dog, began to blur with eating a pig, or a cow. So, I educated myself. I learned pigs can be more intelligent than the average three-year-old, and I saw how disturbing it was the way animals were raised, abused, and slaughtered, simply for our pleasure. We don’t need to eat meat, so it really is just for pleasure. I couldn’t look at meat the same. I would never put my pets through that. I decided that there was…

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