An example of Extreme Religious Parenting

From Fox News

13-year-old dies after 68-day fast
By Jenn Gidman Published October 10, 2016 Newser

A member of India’s Jain community offers prayers during a protest in Mumbai, India, on Aug. 24, 2015. The Jains protested against a high court order banning the religious practice of fasting until death. (AP Photo/Rafiq Maqbool)
For more than two months, a 13-year-old in India took part in an extreme religious fast, reports the BBC. Early this month she called off that fast, but she fell into a coma two days later and died of cardiac arrest on Oct. 4—and now her parents, well-off jewelers in Hyderabad, and other family members have been charged with homicide, cops tell AFP.

Aradhana Samdariya’s relatives insist she chose to embark on the 68-day fast of her own volition as part of a ritual in Jainism, an ancient Indian religion that believes “the way to liberation and bliss is to live lives of harmlessness and renunciation” and whose foundation lies in the “concern for the welfare of every being in the universe.” But others, including the children’s rights group that filed the complaint against Aradhana’s family, say the young teen was coerced, perhaps in the misguided belief it would make her father’s business more profitable.

Aradhana’s grandfather notes it’s not the first time the girl had fasted: He says she had pulled off an eight-day fast and a 34-day fast, and so was determined to go even longer this time, partly because she was interested in becoming a nun, per the Deccan Chronicle.

But a local NGO says the dad’s business was faltering and the family’s guru suggested having Aradhana fast for good luck. The BBC and AFP note she lived on nothing but boiled water during her starvation, while others, such as, say not even sips of water are permitted during the most extreme version of Jain fasting.

Psychologists say that children are especially vulnerable to the guilt that may lure them into such dangerous practices. “The child is made to believe it is for the good of the family,” one expert says.

“What is sacrificed is the health of the minor.” (Fasting helped lead to disaster at an Arizona sweat lodge.)

This article originally appeared on Newser: Teen Dies After 68-Day Fast, Family Faces Homicide Charges


Parenting and encouraging extreme Religious practices with very young children… Child abuse. But what are some of the parallels with Christian parenting and Religious Extremism? 

  • Westboro Baptist Church?
  • Jesus Camp? 
  • Anti medicine and Vaccine?

One recent blog post from a young Christian parent of three, herself raised by Christian parents, touts the idea that Parents ‘own’ their children like biblical slave masters owned their slaves… WTF?

How is this any different? How many Christian kids have died that we never hear about?

Religions kill. Children are ‘willing’ only in the respect that they want to please their parents and copy their behavior. Kids will do just about anything for the love and approval of their parents. This 13 year old girl died to please and emulate and mimic the devotion of her parents and those around her. 

“For I am come to set a man at variance against his father, and the daughter against her mother, and the daughter in law against her mother in law.   And a man’s foes shall be they of his own household.   He that loveth father or mother more than me is not worthy of me: and he that loveth son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me.” –Jesus, Matthew 10:35‭-‬37 KJV

Why can’t we see that encouraging children to these kinds of extreme and unhealthy, mentally and physically, practices and beliefs is Child Abuse?

Parents have a responsibility to the safety and protection and the health of their children. It’s time for Parents to be parents who choose their children over their religion.



36 thoughts on “An example of Extreme Religious Parenting

  1. Of course the Christian will see what happened to this little girl as gross negligence by the Parents, although if confronted, I feel reasonably confident they will hop and skip around because if they openly condemn this practice it immediately brings their own dubious practices under the spotlight.

    Amanda is pushing David Wood once again.
    From what I can gather the man is a psychopath who should not be allowed anywhere near kids.
    She was asking me to watched live debate last night, between Wood and Shermer, but I had already called it a night.

    Amanda is a typical product of indoctrination and, as you note , most definitely comes across as trying to please Daddy, or at least be his ”Pal”.

    You might find this interesting.

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      • Depressing is the least of it. He really is a screwed up bloke and a bit scary for that matter.
        I watched bits and pieces of his debate with Loftus.
        He gave me the creeps.

        I would have liked to have seen the Shermer/Woods debate Amanda mentioned.
        I asked Amanda if Woods had his arse shredded but she will not/ has not responded, so I am thinking it probably was not as smooth sailing as she thought it would be.

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      • I’m curious, even when you were a Christian, how the hell could you have found his description of bludgeoning his father to death inspiring?

        He recited this even as if he was choosing groceries at the store. No emotion no remorse, and then went on to say how futile atheism is?
        How could you not have seen he is a psychopath?

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      • Wood has done several fairly high profile debates and was on a live stream with Shermer last night.
        I believe he comes across as a psychopath.
        No one could try to bash their’s father’s brains out with a hammer ”just because”.

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        • What I meant was this: is there any record of him actually having gone to prison for committing such a crime? His wiki bio claims he’s married with four children and I find it hard to believe any sane woman would knowingly marry and bear children with a man who admits he once tried to murder of his own father just for kicks.

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          • Wood has stated that he is a former atheist;[1] and as a youth, he broke into homes and attempted to kill his father with a hammer[6][7] when he was 18.[8] He was subsequently sentenced to ten years in prison for malicious wounding.[7] While in prison, he was introduced to Christianity by a fellow prisoner named Randy[8] who challenged his atheistic beliefs.[7]

            This is what it says.
            Is there any way to check the veracity of the WIKI entry?

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          • Found this …


            Wood however didn’t want to just kill his father, he wanted to take his life brutally.

            “I decided to do it in a brutal fashion, not a gunshot. I was gonna do it with a hammer. When I walked up to my dad I’ve got a hammer in my hand, I hit him in the head seven or eight times until I thought he was dead and I just left,” he said.

            Luckily, before the last breath of life left his father help arrived.

            “One of his friends Jim, found him covered in blood, took him to a hospital and so I went to my mom. ‘Hey, I may have done this’ because I think I’m being told on at that moment. Instead of taking me to the police or anything, she took me to a psychiatric hospital. They made a report based on the time that I was there. It said ‘antisocial personality disorder,’” he explained.

            Wood however was later removed from the psychiatric hospital and taken to jail. He was convicted of malicious wounding and sentenced to 10 years in prison where he clashed with Christianity.

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            • Which conflicts with the wiki entry that claims he was released after five years and went to college. How does a guy fresh out of prison or a psyche ward pay for college? I call shenanigans.

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              • Fordham lists a David Wood who attended between 2005-2014, but he did not pursue a philosophy job (DNP). Nor could I find him listed anywhere on the department staff.

                And an online search of the NYT archives between 1994-1996 turns up only one hammer attack (against a mother) but no crimes mentioning his name.

                Short of poring over two years of mimeographed newspaper articles or paying for a criminal background check (with incomplete information) there’s no way to verify his claims.

                The hammer attack sounds contrived; but then again, Crime and Punishment follows the Bible on his favorite book list—so who knows.

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              • That he may be a fraud is bad enough, b ut nothjing new in such circles.
                My main reason for posting was that our Christian friend defended his actions based on his, then, atheist worldview of Nothing Matters, and I am wondering which is the more crazy?
                The nutter who did the deed or the ones who ”cheer” on the sidelines?

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              • Well, according to the Bible, God calls out murderers, rapists, thieves and swindlers “according to His own heart” so Christians are predisposed to accepting—even celebrating—these sorts of life-altering conversions from sinner to saint.

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  2. Great Post Mike. I have no problem with adults doing to themselves what they wish. However children should not be dragged into for all the reasons you stated. We adults need to keep the pressure up on this issue. There are kids depending on us to save them from the other adults in their lives and their deep desire to please. Hugs

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