Religious Indoctrination of Children as Abuse

Watch “Grooming Minds” on YouTube 

What do you think… 

Are children too young to be ‘groomed’ for the Bridegroom? 

Why is it that we would automatically object to the inculcating of Political Ideology into the minds, emotions and actions of our children before they have the ability to come to their own decisions, but have no problem with ‘training up a child in the way he should go’ when it comes to ‘the most important relationship’ He or she will ever have… their relationship to and with god? 

After watching the video, would you consider Religious Indoctrination of children too young to understand and give independent consent “child abuse”? 

Why not tell me in the comments below. 



10 thoughts on “Religious Indoctrination of Children as Abuse

  1. As one who experienced it this is absolutely child abuse. To quote prplfox, “because the sacrifice of Christ meant nothing, unless you are first convinced that it should have been you.”
    I was taught that I deserved hell, that Christ died because I deserved it when i was so young that the only reference I had for blinding physical pain was skinning my knee.
    The most important relationship your children can have is too truth and freedom, particularly freedom of thought.
    Possibly the creepiest thing is the way i was taught to edit thoughts, and not in some fringe cult church.

    Do you remember the song
    ‘ be careful little eyes what you see,
    Be careful little eyes what you see,
    For the father up above he is looking down with love,
    So be careful little eyes what you see’

    The verses following were, ‘Be careful little ears what you hear,’ followed by, ‘ be careful little mouth what you say,’ and worst of all, ‘be careful little mind what you think’.
    If this is love, we are all much better off without.

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    • I understand and agree. As one who used to lead that song for children’s church. It was important for us to teach kids the dangers of allowing ungodly or antichristian thoughts, words or attitudes inside the ‘gates’ of the ears, eyes and minds.
      I was an indoctrination and a mind washer for many years. My apologies and I live the rest of my life in recovery and repentance. Thx for the comment


  2. It’s a tough quandary for me, because I absolutely believe in free speech.

    If someone were to teach their kids to be a certain political party supporter, they wouldn’t be charged with child abuse. I also don’t want the government telling families what the can or can not teach their children.

    On the flip side, I think it’s extremely irresponsible of a parent to teach their kids not to think critically etc.

    But being irresponsible isn’t necessarily a lie.

    It’s a tough call in my opinion. I think it’s wrong but I can’t say it’s necessarily criminal, except in a select few circumstances like parents neglecting their children medical treatment because of their religion etc.

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  3. No need to repent. We all choose to have these experiences to learn. These experiences allow us the tell the difference. How can we appreciate the light if we don´t have darkness? When you awake from the illusion and programming fed by those who only wanted to control and manipulate…. You have freedom! Back to the topic: Is it abuse? Only if you choose to see it as such. I choose to see it as a great lesson. – From indoctrination and separation we will have unity, peace and love.

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  4. That was a powerful video. I like that guy and have seen other vids of his.
    I was thinking as I was watching it that no person on this thread would think twice about vilifying parents who let their children watch porn videos, violent ‘snuff’ videos, or even a steady diet of horror videos. We’d recognize that videos such as those are not acceptable and responsible adults ought to know better than to expose their children to that kind of toxicity. No one on this thread could come up with any valid reason for a child to watch that kind of thing. Yet, we accept religious indoctrination for all the reasons outlined by the fellow in the video. We don’t see it as something that children might be too young to process. We don’t – as a society – seem to think that children aren’t emotionally equipped to know that there’s no such thing as hell, demons, or wicked people.
    I think we all need to be thinking on this one a little longer. You’re all probably getting sick of hearing me refer to Homeschoolers Anonymous, but if you want vivid proof of what that kind of exposure does to children, you might want to read some of those stories.
    In fact, all one has to do is read some of the comments by adults who comment on certain blogs – they are scared shitless – STILL – of the fate that awaits them in the ‘afterlife’. That shit sticks. 😦

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