Reposted from last year: For TJ’s Household HaiKu Challenge- Windowsill


This is my entry for TJ’s weekly Challenge.  This weeks challenge is prompted with Windowsill. I’ll let him describe what he’s after.

“Window sill could refer to the sill, what it is made of, what can be seen beyond, what is on it…whatever takes your fancy. You are welcome to use the image or thrill us with one of your own. It is all about sharing and having fun. Best wishes!” -TJ

Please visit his wonderful SITE and also Edwina’s Episodes from which I learned of the challenge. She’s awesome too!! And without further ado, my entry for TJ’s Household Haiku Challenge- Windowsill.

Surrounded by plants
Breathing in as they breathe out
Our symbiosis.

Relaxing with them
Life begets sustaining life
Both of us imbibe.

Coffee, wine or words
We exchange greater ideas
Than what lies outside

Here in my glider
Is where I do my thinking
And they renew me


53 thoughts on “Reposted from last year: For TJ’s Household HaiKu Challenge- Windowsill

  1. Deep wounds from within
    My soul longs for clarity
    Crying out for hope

    Deep affections come
    My soul finds relief within
    Basking in Christ’s death

    Deep longings well up
    My soul desires perfection
    Longing for its home

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  2. Wow, Kia, these are all brilliant!
    I love the first one in particular, being in perfect harmony with the plants.
    Your glider looks the perfect place to relax and think. No wonder you come out with such wonderful haiku!

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