Eat the Apple, Play with the Bunny

VEGAN 2016? Kind of

This last year, I made the effort to go Vegan, “in as much as is practicable”, in celebration of my 50th birthday in June. Many of my attempts at finding plant based, cruelty free and animal friendly alternatives for my eating and daily living choices have been very successful.

I have to admit though, while going vegetarian in January of 2015 was easier, we got to hold on to occasional Eggs, Dairy and Cheese… my wife loooovvvves her some cheese… going fully vegan and plant based without these has been tougher than we had anticipated. If it weren’t for videos of Vegan advocates like Gary Yourofski, Emily Moran (Bite Sized Vegan) and Colleen Patrick Goudreau, we might have almost no motivation to continue. 

Currently I eat Vegetarian and mostly Vegan, with occasional cheats, such as Family thanksgiving dinner this year, which I paid for dearly with two days of bowel and poop issues (Sorry for the graphic mind picture) and knee creakiness. I can really tell now when my body doesn’t like something I feed it, and I become aware, sometimes painfully, when  I’m ‘off the path’ that it wants to take for my health and well being.

In the interests of encouraging others to take up the challenge in the coming year of going Vegan in January for Veganuary, or at least Vegetarian, I’m posting up a few videos for information and encouragement. My intention is not for shaming or belittling anyone in their life and diet choices, just encouragement to consider the options and impacts of the choices we make every day on those around us, the animals, our own health and the planet we all call home.

Occasional failure is not the end, it means you are still trying to do what’s right for you, your family, your health and the environment. Keep moving forward.



16 thoughts on “Eat the Apple, Play with the Bunny

  1. A year is a hard target. I’ve said this before, but poco a poco.

    We are mostly vegan, I don’t like dairy, he likes cheese. But it’s minimal.

    If you have good vegan products available that’s great. Can be limiting without seitan, tofu, tempeh. Etc,

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    • Ah… vegetarian, trying to go Vegan. Health reasons mostly. Don’t want to die early like alot of my family has, including my twin brother two years ago. Make fun of that


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