Extreme Religious Parenting… again: Sad Sunday Morning

​((updated 3/1/17 with violet’s list. 

((Updated 3/6/17 to answer the question of the parents being Christian. Yes, according THIS article they are of the Romanian Pentecostal Church. Read it for yourself. 

Extremist Quacks Get Life Sentences For Murdering Their Diabetic Son

A sad story of religious child abuse and murder that I read of on Reddit this morning.

from the http://www.edmontonjournal.com

‘They knew he was dying’ Parents guilty of 1st-degree murder in son’s death

Calgary – The painful death of a diabetic boy who was so emaciated he appeared mummified could have been avoided if his parents had not isolated and neglected him for years, a judge said Friday in finding the couple guilty of first-degree murder.

Justice Karen Horner said Emil Radita, 60, and Rodica Radita, 54, were equally guilty of murdering 15-year-old Alexandru.

The boy, who was one of the Raditas’ eight children, weighed less than 37 pounds when he died in 2013 of complications due to untreated diabetes and starvation.

“Mr. and Mrs. Radita intended to and did isolate Alex from anyone who could intervene or monitor his insulin treatment aside from themselves,” said Horner. 

“Alex died as a result of bacterial sepsis brought on by extreme starvation. His physical condition at death was not a sudden or quick occurrence but rather took place over months and possibly, probably years.”

Horner said by isolating Alex he was unlawfully confined and totally reliant on his parents. She said it was also clear that the Raditas knew what they were doing in denying him a sufficient amount of insulin and the long-term consequences.

“The evidence underscores that the Raditas were well aware how ill Alex was and still refused to treat his medical condition with proper insulin protocol and medical care,” she said.

“They knew he was dying.”

Neither parent showed any emotion or had a comment during sentencing.

Justice Horner sentenced them to life in prison with no chance of parole for 25 years.

“Your actions in starving your son Alex to death are beyond comprehension. You persisted in arrogant confidence…until he was dead.”

Witnesses testified that the Raditas refused to accept that their son had diabetes and failed to treat his disease until he was hospitalized near death in British Columbia in 2003.

B.C. social workers apprehended Alexandru after his October 2003 hospital admission and placed him in foster care — where he thrived — for nearly a year before he was returned to his family, who eventually moved to Alberta.

Patricia MacDonald, the B.C. social worker who fought against Alex being returned to his parents, was in court for the verdict.

‘I’m happy with the verdict. I think that it really is justice for Alex. He went through a horrible ending to his life and I’m glad to see his parents being held accountable,” said MacDonald.

She said she wanted to see the Raditas one final time.

“I just feel like they’re so empty. They’re void of any kind of emotion, any kind of feeling. I’ve never met parents like them in my life.”

Testimony also indicated that after the family moved to Alberta, he was enrolled in an online school program for one year, but never finished. There was no evidence that the boy ever saw a doctor, although he did have an Alberta health insurance number.

The trial heard that the parents’ religious beliefs included not going to doctors.

The day the Alexandru died, the family went to church and said that the boy had died, but that God had resurrected him.

“This was a really difficult case for all involved. The facts that Justice Horner found were such that you really did see the magnitude of Alex’s suffering, how long it was and how extensive it was,” said Crown prosecutor Susan Pepper.

“Certainly the evidence that was presented in court does show that the system and the social safety net in our province and in our country did fail Alex.”

Pepper said she hopes that Alex’s case eventually leads to changes in how children in care are tracked in the future.


(((Now a word from our sponsor, the RKIA)))

This is what Christian teaching can lead to. 

“The prayer of Faith will save the sick”. 

“They shall lay hands on the sick and they shall recover”

“And the dead shall be raised”

No they won’t. They will die horrible, long and agonizing deaths

Christian Parents, please I beg of you, don’t take the bible at its Word. If you wear glasses, you should know that as Christians you don’t walk in “Divine Health”. Your kids are not healed by Faith and Prayer like the Bible says. The Manifestation is NOT just waiting on your Faith. It is NOT a denial of God’s Power and Promise to seek medical attention for you or your children. 

No matter how Effectually and Fervently or how Righteous the person praying, ‘nothing fails like prayer’ and your God WILL let your children die. Not as ‘a part of His Plan’ or because ‘He loves the so much he wants to call them Home’, but because you were too stupid and brainwashed to care more about the Health and Life of your own children than your church, your bible and your indoctrinated beliefs in the God who Hears and Answers Prayer. 

Take your kids to the Doctors. And when they need medical help, get them to a hospital. God will not heal your child. It’s not sin you know. It’s not a denial of God’s power to heal. Its just that The God of the Bible has neither the Power nor the inclination. 

He’s not there. YOU are. Don’t let your kids die for your Faith. 



UPDATE from tildeb. 

  1. Is there a direct link between being Canadian and abusing this child?
    No, You’d have to be a dolt to think your line of reasoning is equivalent.

    But there IS a direct link between religious belief and great harm to children. Here a few of the direct deaths caused by the parents’ religious beliefs that resulted in prison term convictions:

    Christian Science Children: Seth Ian Glaser, 17 months, h-flu meningitis
    Natalie Rippberger, 8 months, h-flu meningitis
    Shauntay Walker, age 4, h-flu meningitis.
    Amy Hermanson, age 7, untreated juvenile onset diabetes
    Ian Lundman, age 11, untreated juvenile onset diabetes
    Ian Burdick, age 15, diabetes without medical care
    Robyn Twitchell, age 2, a bowel obstruction
    Elizabeth Ashley King, age 12, untreated bone cancer
    Kimberly Sartore, age 1, untreated meningitis
    Matthew Swan, 16 months, h-flu meningitis
    Lisa Sheridan, age 5, pneumonia without medical care
    Clayton Scott Zimmern, age 9, injuries sustained when he was struck by a car and parents refused medical treatment
    Michael Schram, age 12, ruptured appendix after several days of prayer and “spiritual healing
    Ronald Rowan, age 11, extreme dehydration and ultimately aspiration asphyxiation.from flu
    Andrew Pinkham, age 3, pneumonia without medical care
    Kris Ann Lewis, age 13, bone cancer and refusal of treatment by parents
    Debra Ann Kupsch, age 9. untreated diphtheria

    The Faith Tabernacle Congregational: Justin Barnhart, age 2, from a Wilm’s tumor which grew larger than a volleyball in the child’s abdomen
    Baby Girl and Baby Boy Still, parents refusal to have medical care after premature birth,
    Melinda Sue Friedenbeger, age 18 weeks, died of starvation and dehydration
    Clayton Nixon, age 8, dehydration and malnutrition after ear infection
    In early 1991, six children died in the Philadelphia area of measles.

    End Time Ministries: Michael David Boehmer, four days old, untreated pulmonary hemorrhage
    Libby Cooke, four days old, premature lungs untreated
    Infant McDowell was born dead after mother was forced to endure more than 3 days of labor
    Infant Ruzicka was born dead after mother was forced to endure 4 days of labor
    Sarah Handy, born prematurely eventually succumbed to bacterial pneumonia

    Church of the First Born:
    Jason Lockhart, age 9, from an untreated ruptured appendix
    Desiree Camren, age 3, after a week’s illness due to lack of medical care.
    Angela Sweet, age 7, of peritonitis, seven weeks after rupturing her appendix
    Travis Drake, age 14, from a ruptured appendix
    Lukas Long, a newborn baby, untreated breathing problems
    Saundra Arnold, age 13, after being ill 18 days with an intestinal blockage
    Jordan Northrup, age 4 months, of meningitis and pneumonia

    Faith Assembly
    Juliana Keys, 6 months, an untreated abdominal infection caused by a twisted bowel.
    Joel Romine, 20 months, of emphysema, a complication of pneumonia
    John David Ricks, 5 months, untreated bacterial meningitis
    Sean Woodrun, 6 months, untreated bronchial pneumonia
    Allyson Bergmann, 9 months, untreated meningitis
    Carla Northrup, a baby girl, pneumonia
    Joel Winkelman, 3 weeks old, pneumonia

    And the list goes on and on and on…. involving thousands upon thousands of cases of child abuse and neglect caused by the parent’s religious beliefs but settled through plea bargaining, stern warnings, suspended sentences, and so on.

    There is a causal link, JB, between religious beliefs and the very real suffering and even deaths of real children in real life.


33 thoughts on “Extreme Religious Parenting… again: Sad Sunday Morning

  1. I will say this in the face of a world wide audience. You are an evil person mike for equating this behaviour with biblical Christianity. Nice work.

    And no, I will not dignify your stupidity with a conversation. This is a one one ticket that you may seethe in your unmitigated arrogance thinking this is common fruit of kindness, love, joy, and natural affection from the life of one sold out for the grace of God represented in PURITY of the faith, something in which it appears, you have not a clue.

    As imposters are revealed such as Hitler pretending He was a believer, and many drinking his poison in agreement, so too are infidels or atheists guilty of portraying good people of faith with monsters.

    Nice work. You should be proud of yourself.

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      • Oops, I found a comment coupon. I get to post a 2nd answer.

        Strict adherence? Hello? Try reading the 13th of 1st Corinthians or the book of Philemon and see if ‘strict adherence’ leads you to savagery.

        Nice try knowitall. God’s word will slay your nonsense every time.


        • Sorry cs, Paul or whoever wrote Philemon doesn’t get to tell me what love is anymore. Rather than telling his disciple that Slavery and ownership of other humans is detestable and that his runaway slave is now free to return or not, he sent that runaway slave back into slavery with the admonition that running away was wrong in the first place. Bugger off


    • I agree with you, especially since the article stated that the child was taken into protective custody where he thrived for a year before being returned to his parents.

      Why was he returned to the parents…. why no follow up (well-being visits etc.) since they unwisely decided to return him.

      Kia, this is indeed shameful on your part.
      Christ Jesus teaches us to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, visit those in prison etc…. to love others.
      To try to use something that is the antithesis of who Christ is and what He commands those who choose to be His disciples to do, is indeed shameful.

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  4. Hi, Mike.
    This was the comment I left for James over at the Branyan’s
    Maybe CS, ancients or Wally might like to discuss it?
    And as I note, your post is spot on.

    Arkenaten February 28, 2017 at 9:35 pm

    Why are you belcowning yourself to defend Mike, Violet?

    Except for a few outliers, Christians know that there is nothing unbiblical about going to a doctor,

    There are several odd things about this case, but maybe they were addressed at some point ?
    Why were the parents deemed fit to have the child returned to their custody after the first incident?

    Why were their religious beliefs not fully scrutinized?

    And to address James’ comment directly.

    Why do Christians embark on prayer for many sick people when studies of the effectiveness of prayer have demonstrated that they have no positive effect, and when certain patients are aware they are being prayed for the action often produces negative results?
    The major study conducted by the Templeton Foundation showed this.

    Exorcism is another insane (sic) practice.

    If you have people believing in prayer and being told to pray every week by pastors, ministers and priests; being promised that faith in Jesus is the answer, is it any real surprise when every now and then something like this happens and it is revealed that the perpetrators are devout religious people?

    Of course mainstream Christians will immediately distance themselves from such a tragedy and claim that proper Christians are
    not like this – and of course most aren’t.

    And yet, what does this then say about their faith-claims and all the prayers offered up for illness and other such things?
    Are they simply wishful thinking? Or are they gross hypocrites from church leaders to the bums in the pews?

    Either faith and prayer work …or they don’t.

    Evidence shows they don’t. So why do those in positions of authority in the Christian religion continue to encourage such practices?

    Mike’s post was spot on, and Branyan’s retort is yet another glaring example of the rampant hypocrisy within religion. And the danger of putting life on the line, and worse, someone else’s life who one was supposed to care for, for the sake of superstitious garbage.

    The trial heard that the parents’ religious beliefs included not going to doctors. The day the Alexandru died, the family went to church and said that the boy had died, but that God had resurrected him.


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