For TJ’s Household Haiku Challenge: House Numbers

(((Also reposted from last year, when I lost my last grandmother)))

It’s Time again for … TJ’s Household Haiku Challenge

This week it’s the theme of “House Numbers”. I’ll let TJ explain for himself.

“Welcome to the latest edition of TJ’s Household Haiku Challenge. Today’s prompt is “House Number” or if you would prefer not to share that then any number around the house.” –TJ

Please go visit his wonderful Blog and drop him a line. Heck, why not participate? I have found his challenges to be stretching and full of excitement since december when i started. You can read my other entries Watch, Buckets, Calendar, Tap, and a few others. Just Search for HaiKu.

This week, with the theme being House Numbers, I’d like to take you on a Journey of sorts thru some of the important ‘Numbers’ of mine and my increasingly smaller family. We’ve lost our share in the last few years with my Dad in 2010, Best Friend Rocco in 2012, Mom in 2013, Brother in 2014 and now my last Grandparent, Grandma B. just yesterday at the age of 94. She had a full and long life and leaves pieces of herself in all of us.

We will miss her, but not stop loving her or remembering the happy times in her home during my childhood. Please accept these offerings for TJ’s Challenge as a Memorial of a great woman, mother, grandmother and lover of all.

two post war lovers

first one girl, then two brothers

she raised them with love

two more followed suit

again, one girl, two brothers

they were my parents

three teens separate

second chance for young lovers

flat land for desert

tragedy strikes both

decades’ decline, “Smoking Kills”

but it strangles first.

1020 (ii)

long life shortened fast

something so simple, yet not

matriarchs must rest


Love your Family while they are here and don’t let anyone or anything or any Religion tell you to separate from them in favor of them or it. Love them and hold them close while they are here because later is too late. You will never get Today’s Opportunities back. Do it Today.



6 thoughts on “For TJ’s Household Haiku Challenge: House Numbers

  1. Thinking of you sir today and what you have shared. Certain events seems to crowd in at certain times and you certainly have had your share. So sorry to hear about your most recent loss. Your words are inspiring and your poetry moving. Very best wishes to you! TJ

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