Tie Tuesday: Musical Story Edition

If you hadn’t guessed, I’m Pigpen, Snoopy and Charlie

((Updated 3/6/17 for Tie Tuesday for today is Charlie Brown, such a clown. I remembered that I did a story during my CTOTD Posts in the holiday season that told the story of my music and how it interacted with my Deconversion. I thought it appropriate to Resurrect the post for Reincarnation this morning. I hope you enjoy. And please, comment respectfully. -kia))

“When I wore a younger man’s clothes”

There was a time in my life where my sister used to try to get me to learn guitar. She’d been playing for years and got pretty good, still is. She now makes a living at it with her and her husband going to and fro around Washington and other places. She enjoys what she does and honestly enjoys just the joy of playing music and expressing herself in song.

As for me, I used to play trumpet in school but later dropped it after going to the army. But it wasn’t till I came rededicated myself to Christ and started serving Him that I even considered trying to learn and play guitar. And originally, it was only as a prayer tool, rather than to play for anyone else. Audience of One you might say.

My prayer life was dry and I needed something to ‘enter me in’ to the mood as I entered in to the Throne Room. I found a cheap guitar, a guy to help me start with 5 or 6 basic chords and thus began my journey of playing Worship for the King. I would play coupes of simple songs and when I felt like I was ‘connected’, I would quietly lay my Prayer Tool down and get to praying.

Later, my church asked me to help with the children’s church, then I helped with out reaches, then even on the worship team, and eventually when I taught and led home groups, I brought my guitar to start us off right.

It’s how I met my wife, playing a small group Christmas party for my friends singles group in a different church across town from mine. She still calls me the Cool Guy with the Guitar.

“The day… the music died”

It’s also the toughest thing I lost when I deconverted. My friend Darrell used to also ask me to fill in for him also set his little church plant in Phoenix, sometimes preaching and others just playing. As my wife and I were beginning our Journey out of Christianity, I lost my desire not only to teach and play worship, but because my playing guitar is so connected to worship and prayer and my faith, I also lost the desire to play guitar. And for the most part I don’t any more. You see, I played music for “an Audience of One” and now that Audience has ‘left the auditorium’.

“At least for now, playing guitar reminds me too much of why I left Christianity”. -kia

I still love to sing, I loved to play for myself, and others, but for now… having left my faith, I can’t play with Joy or enjoyment. Not yet anyway. I’m sure that will change someday and i’ll once again begin playing guitar but for now, my desire to play “Took the last train for the coast” along with the “Father, Son and the Holy Ghost”

Enjoy the Day and the Tie. -KIA


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