The Spotlight: The God Of The Innocents

Forwarding this response post from a blogging buddy that she did for my post on The God of the Innocents. Very interesting response. Here is what I commented on her post: (cleaned up a bit for spelling and format)

“Thx for the link and the encouragement for others to read the original post. I’ve read your treatment and it aligns with what I used to believe as a chriatian. Basically, 

  • 1) god is god and can do as he wants, 
  • 2) we are evil and sinful so we have no right to judge right from wrong when God’s the one doing ‘the doing’, 
  • 3) the life and messianic legacy of a king is much more valuable that a newborn baby, 
  • 4)… and this is the big one… situationally, the ‘ends’ saving David and the kingdom from chaos justified the ‘means’ of killing innocent child.

So much for absolute truth and absolute standards of morality. And that ‘meme’ in the Christian community about the life of babies being precious and sacred. The story comes down to God sacrificing a newborn baby for the sins of David and the stability of the kingdom. Human Child Sacrifice. If you are OK with that, what would you not be OK with if the god of the Bible required it? Child Sacrifice. That’s what the story tells. Doesn’t matter the reasons or the ‘benefits’, our human morality should revolt against such horrors, even if the story is fictional. The point is, you don’t believe it is. Child Sacrifice? Really?”

Please do visit and read her entire post. She does a very good job of laying out the typical and Apologetics answer for this biblical dilemma. And generally, she is well spopen, intelligent and she seems to honestly care about the dialogue. Let’s all start some. What do you say? -kia

Grace and Truth

Hey, good afternoon to you!  And welcome to another episode of The Spotlight!!!  I hope you enjoyed the last piece about why Christians should stop saying ‘God is in Control’.  I would have loved to read your thoughts on the matter…  In case you missed it, do check it out after this.

Well, today’s piece is definitely intriguing and thought provoking.  The Authour of this particular piece is a frequent reader and commenter on my blog; not as a Christian, but as a deconvert of the Faith.  We’ve come to know ourselves pretty well, I think, though we have little agreement on anything.  For a while, I’ve been saying he is an Atheist, but he has always insisted that he is not…  In today’s post, he actually admits that when it comes to the Christian Faith and the God of the Bible, he is an Atheist, but in regards…

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