Xtian HaiKu: “Super Pi Day HaiKu”

This was originally posted for Pi Day on March 14th of last year, 3.14.15 being the first Five numbers in the series, last year’s Pi Day was a Super Pi Day of sorts, being celebrated by math geeks everywhere at exactly 926am, the next Three numbers in the series.;) I did the poem as a modified HaiKu where each of the Twelve first numbers in the series of Pi was expressed in syllables with words. Kind of creative. Kind of cool. Kind of kitschy. Kind of Poetic. Kind of HaiKu. 😉

Enjoy the Song too…


I’m posting it again for today’s Pi Day Celebration. So… here it goes. Enjoy and have a great day. -kia

Pi Day HaiKu: “Everyday Slice of Happiness”

3      Morning Sun

1      Bright

4      We awake, stretch…

1      Smile…

5      Saying “This New Day…

9      God has granted, we receive with Joy”

2      Deep Breaths

6      Chests rising and falling

5      She turns, reaches out

3      I accept.

5      Morning, Love Renews

8      Golden Sun. Round, Life Giving orb



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