From a Poor Thinker’s Blog… On God’s House Rules.

Memes are cute, the Biblical God is most definitely Not

“Funny how we are quick to tell our kids, “My house-my rules,” then bow up at God when He tells US the same thing” -W, the always intrepid Amateur Internet Apologist

Yeah Wally, but we don’t threaten our kids with torture in the furnace down in the basement for the rest of their natural (eternal) lives if they don’t clean their room or pick up their socks. There is a big difference.



23 thoughts on “From a Poor Thinker’s Blog… On God’s House Rules.

  1. It is interesting to see by contrast a person with a better grasp of the Christian Gospel argue the Christian case. I speak here of Tiribulus who has rejoined the conversation over at Violet Wisp’s blog. Tiribulus explains the Christian Theology with a clarity that is not smeared in sementality of some would be apologists. As such those non Christians who have never really understood Christian theology are appalled by the character of ‘God’ being portrayed.

    Of course our own JZ has explained it even more succinctly, ‘love me or burn’.

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    • Oh, give me that old time religion
      Give me that old time religion
      Give me that old time religion
      It’s good enough for me.

      Let us pray with Aphrodite,
      Let us pray with Aphrodite,
      She wears that see-through nightie,
      And it’s good enough for me.

      We will pray with Zarathustra,
      We’ll pray just like we use ta,
      I’m a Zarathustra booster,
      And it’s good enough for me.

      We will pray with those Egyptians,
      Build pyramids to put our crypts in,
      Cover subways with inscriptions,
      And it’s good enough for me.

      We will pray with those old druids,
      They drink fermented fluids,
      Waltzing naked though the woo-ids,
      And it’s good enough for me.

      Hare Krishna, He must laugh on
      To see me dressed in saffron
      With my hair that’s only half on
      And it’s good enough for me.

      I will rise at early morning,
      When my Lord gives me the warning,
      That the solar age is dawning,
      And that’s good enough for me.


  2. Let’s face it Kia, you love my brother Wallace. You can’t even help yourself — ahh so telling – – Wally is always on your mind. No wonder you’re trying your utmost to get him to spend eternity with you (your little blasphemous posse just don’t cut it – do they).

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      • Well, love is non-emotional. Love is a decision, a choice – but I guess from speaking with you guys there’s no such thing as freedom of choice.

        Should I conclude that you just cannot help yourself in desiring what you see as the best for W. and myself?
        And how can we trust you to know what’s best… you’ve been wrong for so long… what makes you think you’re correct now?


        • Love is non emotional? You must be a fun partner. Freedom of choice? Yup I agree we all have choices. Wrong for so long? We are all wrong in many areas even when we think we are right


          • That’s right, love is a decision, a choice we ‘choose’ to make.
            Love is patient, kind, not boastful, doesn’t tally wrongs, etc. (you can find the rest)

            I agree, we’ve all been wrong in many areas, and will be wrong in some areas currently and in the future…
            so what makes you think you’re correct right now?


            • So… I think we’re back to the furnace in the basement.
              If love is a choice, a free will decision…. why the coercion of hell or Eternal punishment? And is it really a free will choice to ‘love’ such a moral monster as the god of the bible?


              • Kia: “So… I think we’re back to the furnace in the basement.”
                No, only you are.

                What exactly is Eternal life?
                From what you’ve written, you believe Eternal life is ‘escaping hell and living forever in heaven.’
                But this is not what scripture teaches.
                Christ Jesus Himself defined eternal life for us (Jn 17:3) Eternal Life is knowing God and Christ Jesus intimately. It’s been restored back to the close, personal, relationship that A&E once had with the Father.

                One of the benefits of eternal life is dwelling with God (obviously, you want to be with the one you love).

                So God loved us so much He sent us His Son Christ Jesus that we may have everlasting life, instead of perishing (as we currently are – cut off from Him)

                So, there’s no coercion of hell/eternal punishment as you keep saying.
                You’re already separated from God. He’s giving you the choice to willfully decide whether you want to have a relationship with Him or not.

                Your last sentence is irrational, especially since you cannot articulate what you actually believe. You have no moral standard by which to judge God, and by your statement you’d have to acknowledge His existence to even be somewhat credible.

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              • Eternal life is… an unproven and untestable idea. Might be true, but neither you nor I could ever truly know or even hope to demonstrate such a thing. It must be taken only by faith.


              • Is your relationship with your spouse an unproven and untestable idea?

                I have no knowledge of your spouse, but if I asked about your relationship, you’d have something to tell me because you know her.
                You also have your reasons for placing your faith/trust in the relationship – your faith is based on reason(s) and works by love.

                Similarly, we have the capacity to know God and Christ Jesus whom He has sent to us.
                When we know God it’s impossible for the enemy to lead us away from Him because it’s the goodness of God that causes us to change our minds about who we think He is (repentance).


              • My wife’s actual existence can be demonstrated and shown to be true, so my trust in her is well founded. I don’t need Faith such as you need for your ‘knowledge’ and ‘trust’ in the existence and your relationship with the g9d of the bible


              • Christ Jesus’ ‘actual’ existence has been [demonstrated and] shown to be true – We know where He was born, we know who his parents and siblings and friends were. We know about His life etc.

                (I put demonstrated in brackets because it’s a bit redundant to use both demonstrated and shown)

                Kia: I don’t need Faith such as you need for your knowledge and trust…

                You do realize that’s a faith statement on your part.

                Every body needs and uses faith.

                As you’ve said in your first sentence, your trust [/faith] in your spouse is based upon your relationship. She must exist in order to have a relationship.

                I, on the other hand do not posses that level of trust/faith in her because I do not know her. I do not have a relationship with her, hence I don’t have much or any reason to trust/have faith in her.
                I am certainly not arguing against her existence just because I do not know her nor have a personal relationship with her.


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