Suggested video to watch before Religious and Political Discussions

(((Reposting for or a new Friend of sorts. Here’s to the hopes of productive discussions in the future. -kia)))

It’s Dishonest… STOP IT!!

Whether it’s Apologists or Spin Doctors, they all use Ad Hominem to distract and confuse. The very purpose of the Ad Hominem is to avoid dealing honestly with truth. Cut it out.



15 thoughts on “Suggested video to watch before Religious and Political Discussions

      • As we discussed previously Wally seems to have really taken the grumpy pills of late. When I first ran into Wally, two years ago, I thought he seemed calm and reasonable in comparison to ColorStorm. But alas, no longer.

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        • Yup. Wally seems to have lost patience as he’s come to the end of his understanding of the issues and evidence against his faith. No longer willing to hear and consider, he’s become more like James and cs. But without CS’s wit and without james’ intelligence


    • Nan based on my observation of many sites carry political news it would need to be posted as around the third comment. That’s how soon many deteriorate into insults and attacks.

      I find it all quite dispiriting. I do wonder whether it is a consequence of the rise of social media which really is changing the world. But alas with all change there is good and bad that comes with it. This is the bad part.

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