HaiKu Question of God’s Existence

He was or Am I?

UPDATE 2/5/17

((( Apparantly, there are some who believe that all that is needed is a ‘look around’ to discern the imprint of a creator god. This may be true or not as the case may be, but… which one? I was once just as sure that my god, the biblical God of christianity and His Only Begotten Son Jesus, was the One who had called all things into existence. Unfortunately, other people of other Faiths I’d never even heard of or had dismissed as False and Pagan/Demonic also use the same ‘look around you’ argument for their god being the ‘obvious’ Creator/Sustainer of the Universe we “… live and move and have our being…” in. 

The most that the Universe and Nature can suggest to us, and that’s if we are being VERY generous, is that there could be a Deistic “god of the philosophers” who may have set it all in motion. But even that is an assumption of Faith without actual evidence. We have Nature and the Universe we live in, but no… we have no Evidence of a Personal God who created and sustains it and as such, we have no way to discern which of the more than 3000 or so gods, let alone all the diverse and disagreeing denominations of those religions, that mankind  has developed over the millenia is actually the right one to identify as The Prime Mover who set it all in motion. 

No. If there is a God, and I still believe there might be, we must believe and hold to that by Faith alone. Evidence will never point us toward Him, let alone which Him… or Her or It… it is. You can’t just tell people “look around”. Enjoy the HaiKu this morning -kia)))

Surf or Serf?

I was once as you

awash with new life but then

reality’s waves crashed down.

Self Directed?

was once discipled

near and far I followed

truth is, I just went

Buoyant or Boyhood? 

calmed the billowed seas

they say He walked on water

my sinking savior

For Raymond

are there really gods?

or is it Comforting myth?

choosing reality

Imago Dei/Et?

Petty, selfish me

made in the image of god

from the tree, apples fall

Asking Silence

How would you really

go about, the existence

of a God to Prove?



One thought on “HaiKu Question of God’s Existence

  1. I was once like you….Until I became educated via Youtube and atheist blogs.

    Really bro, what are you recovering from again? It kinda seems like you think you hav the market conrered on what is and is not truth.


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