Lunch out with the Wife at Pita Jungle

Caribbean Fruit Salad with a bed of greens under there somewhere. It’s enough to make you want to veggie, right?



5 thoughts on “Lunch out with the Wife at Pita Jungle

    • I take it you had not seen me refer to KIA as Mike.

      It is interesting the assumptions we tend to make. Making assumptions is something we do by default as if we had to consciously think about every single matter scientists say we would require a lot more energy, as thinking really does require effort.

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      • I did notice, but my brain kept going back to the original idea. I’d actually meant to look further to verify I was wrong, but this post made it easy for me. And then I assumed something else! Got to laugh at myself (every one else does)!

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        • It’s all good. I think the fact that I don’t have any photos of either myself or her on my blog posts, very intentional I might add, would make it easy to not know one way or the other without reading some of the more direct references in my posts. Again, it’s all good.

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