Happiest of Birthdays, Professor Dawkins



26 thoughts on “Happiest of Birthdays, Professor Dawkins

  1. Happy birthday…………but a man of letters is to be pitied and not respected if He casts the Creator out of his own vineyard. And no sir, you do not know either how old the earth is. You have your theories, you have your suppositions, but so do others having equally conflicting info.

    Where pray tell Mr Dawkins will you get your grapes…………….?

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    • There are an awful lot of indoctrinated theological half-wits that infest Word Press but you,Colorstorm are worth at least a half dozen all on your own.
      Reading you asinine nonsensical diatribes is like tip toeing through reams of animal droppings where the only exercise available while pinching one’s nose, is to casually wonder from which arse each piece of shit came from.

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        • Yes. amazing that a person who has ONCE found repose in the God of Creation, the Lord of heaven and earth, and the giver of life……..should now find comic relief with such vile commentary and the incessant ignoring as tp what is plain and true: God, scripture, truth.

          Good for you mike. You have found your allies in godliness. Make mom proud. Make your wife proud. Be that voice of unmitigated gall. And continue to shake your fist at God, while He laughs at the blatant stupidity of his creatures, who themselves laugh like snickers, while they feast on the carron of lifelessness known as godlessness.

          You and the littlestonegod together make a great team. Keep it up. And your hero Dawkins? His credibility is dismissed in a New York minute. Of course it is. The fool says in his heart…………..there is no God.

          Court adjourned again.


            • While I agree with your comparison about religion being carrion: foul-smelling and rotten, with incoherent bloody bits strewn all over the place, and, in a sense, much like the character, Jesus of Nazareth, zero chance of coming back to life, I feel compelled to point out it is not /em>non-believers that feast upon it – although we have been known to take huge chunks out of the ideology and cart it away and spit it out.
              ( Christianity always leaves a bad taste in the mouth don’t you find?)
              But it is the god- believer who scrambles over the dogma like a pack of vultures, pecking and screaming until one can make no sense of the carcass and it is, ostensibly, unrecognizable.
              Eventually all you have are the bare bones, bleaching white in the sun until , well you know the saying, right … dust to dust …

              Let me hold the small pile of dust in my hand for you Colorstorm. Now lean closer and take a really deep breath.
              Ready? Exhale!

              And that is as close as you’re ever likely to come to Christian Blow Job.


      • I was browsing through ColorStorms site and noticed he made the claim that Bible has a coherence and consistency unlike any other book. Well if that is really the case then I can only assume he has never read 1 and 2 Chronicles. Those book contradict the books of Samuel and Kings over and over again.

        But so indoctrinated is our feline friend that when contradictions are pointed out he refused to accept them and continues to sprout his mantra.

        The funny thing is that we are told to look at the evidence. It was looking at the evidence in detail that caused me to lose my faith.

        Another of ColorStorms pieces of evidence is the remarkable ‘preservation’ of the Biblical text. Once again the actual evidence suggests otherwise.

        I can’t say with certainty there is no creator deity, but I can say with great assurance that if there is then it would almost certainly not be the God of the Bible, unless that ‘God’ was deceptive.

        But I find it pointless arguing with ColorStorm as he fails to seriously address the valid points I raise.

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        • No contradiction pete. You merely stopped short of seeing WHY the differences. And no, i’m not going to spoon feed you your answers that will satisfy your curiosity.

          You rely on the opinions of others and will always be at a disadvantage. Chew your own food. Be like the cow and ruminate. There are no defects in scripture. Maybe you can put forth just one. Take the dare.

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          • Right I have taken the bait.

            The defect I select 2 Samuel 24 when God incites David to take a Census and then kills 70,000 Israelites as a result of David taking the Census.

            For good measure I will throw in Numbers 31 when God decides to punish the Midianites with all the men, women and children killed except for the virgin girls which the Israelites were allowed to take as sex slaves. Bear in mind Midian was outside ‘the promised land’.

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            • Ah, the root question of why David fell under the hand of God, as God’s promises to Abraham were challenged, and the achievements of men were erected.

              Didn’t God say his descendants would be as the sand of the sea……..

              Are you paying attention pete? Babel never really fell to the ground eh…..

              Spiritual rebellion is cloaked in so many sweaters. Start with Cain and his God awful religiousness, follow the trail of deceit, scorn, jealousy, and murder, and will you receive your own answer to your questions that put God on trial.

              You want to profit from its reading? I suggest you start with understanding first it is God’s word, not yours, mine, and tampering with God is never a good idea.

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        • Colorstorm is either a pure genius at maintaining a facade, and his devout religious nature is simply one large wind up, or he really is as screwed up as his comments convey. If so, one has to feel for any he comes into contact with, especially on a regular or more personal basis.

          Either way, you are correct. It is pointless to argue, which is why, where the site allows, a lot more fun to take his irreverent prose, extrapolate and blow up whatever theme he is currently blathering on about and reply with something even more nuts.
          I’d like to think it does his head in!

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