Watch “Why I am no longer a Creationist complete series” on YouTube

This is a great video series from a  former christian like myself on the failures of creationism and the Apologists who promote it. I once believed and even taught as this person did and read, believed and repeated the words and ideas that are rebutted in the video from the Usual Suspects, the Christian Apologists of the Lie of Biblical Creationism, but like him I woke up to the Real Evidence for Evolution and the Natural World and against the Biblical accounts for the Origin of the Universe and our Earth.

Added this little ditty for good measure and CS’s Amusement

To say with confidence and arrogance that “…God made the stars also” and “just look at the sky and the trees and you will know god made them” no longer suffices when one has been able to see, read and understand actual evidence to the contrary. I hope you enjoy this video and the information it presents as much as I did.



2 thoughts on “Watch “Why I am no longer a Creationist complete series” on YouTube

  1. Mike I watched the whole video, all one and a half hours. It was an excellent presentation.

    Really believing the first 11 chapters of the Bible as actual events is untenable if a person is open to evidence. And the evidence is simply overwhelming.

    In time the Christians will need to transform the understanding of the Bible for Christianity to survive. The only tenable position is to see the early parts of the Bible as Holy Myth that explains truths in easy to understand ways. But to claim them as events that actually happened, well no.

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