Coconut Hut out with the wife

We’re visiting a local vegetarian/ vegan cafe near our home. The Coconut Hut serves juices, smoothies and vegan sandwiches, bowls and soups.

They’ve been open about a year and a half, but this is our first trip. I’m looking forward to their veggie sandwich and The Wife is having the chili. Mmmmm good.

The only thing I would have changed is the bread for the sandwich. Some kind of fresh baked, multigrain, artisan bread would have been better than the sliced version, but overall the veggies, sprouts and avocado did a great job of filling my veggie stomach and heart. Life, love and good healthy foods… What could be better on a Sunday afternoon?

With places like this around, we find it easier to have vegan/veggie options eating out. It’s nice to see another option closer that clear across town… and at a more affordable price. If you’re in the area, stop on it and have a bite.



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