Conversing Honestly pt 4:”In the Jungle, the Mighty Jungle…”

Lions and Tigers… Oh my!!

In answer to a post on the Stupidity of Man

His passed on quote from another Nonthinking, and Brain-unengaged fellow Christian…

Man is not smart enough to dream up God. He is however stupid enough to deny Him.

If only Zeus or Thor were here to Face Palm…

Of course mankind IS smart enough to ‘dream up god’ and gods. Hello, is anybody in there!! McFly!!

Don’t you know there are literally thousands of God’s and goddesses that have been both ‘Dreamed up’ and ‘Created from the dust of the earth’ inhabited by the different types and generations of mankinds who ‘live and breathe and have their being’. 

And as for being “stupid enough to deny Him”…My reply of course follows 

KIA says:
September 24, 2016 at 3:03 pm
Stupid enough to deny god? Depends which one. You deny plenty of them cs. All of them except for yours. The only reason you don’t realize this is that you have assumed that your particular god, the one represented in the old and new testaments, is the one and only.
You see, there is ample evidence that people ARE in fact smart enough to create their own gods. They do it all the time. Just like the biblical god can be demonstrated to have been created out of canaanite myths and Babylonian admixture.

But as the Warden said in another Prison to prisoners of a different sort…

What we’ve got here is failure to communicate. Some men you just can’t reach.” -The Captain, Prison Warden in ‘Cool Hand Luke’

The truth of the matter vs the delusion

People are VERY smart and also VERY stupid. We run the gammit on intelligence and rationality. But you should always beware of Lions who try to to Think and engage their brains. It often has reversed results. 

In an effort to ‘shut down’, mock and criticize real critical thinking, inquiry and evaluation of the issues underlying the reliability of the Bible and the Biblical God, CS has stooped to calling mankind both too stupid to make up God’s, which they obviously aren’t  given their historic and geographical distribution around the globe, and mocking them with a backhanded ‘compliment’ for being stupid, or apparantly too ‘smart’ for their own good, for rejecting the Christian god of the bible. 

To which he replied… of course he did

ColorStorm says:

There is only one God mike. The God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, the God of Adam, Sara, Esther, Mordecai, the God of Daniel, Job, Peter, James, John, the God of creation who holds all things together by the mere word of His power. The God of arithmetic, the God of the alphabet, He who is before all things, and He who is after all things, you know the one true and living God, the I am. The God of history, geography, and scripture, and of course nature.

And of course, all people of other gods that CS rejects say the same about their gods, now don’t they? And that’s the point. He’s not smart enough to ‘make up’ their gods, and he’s too smart to for his own good for rejecting them. And the wheel goes round and round.

I should thank CS for yet another amazing and informational Safari to the Lions Den. Have a great day.



12 thoughts on “Conversing Honestly pt 4:”In the Jungle, the Mighty Jungle…”

  1. Hello Mike. I keep going back to the god of our fathers argument. For that Colorstorm and Godsmanforever have no response. Everyone thinks their god is the only god or the true god. It gets tiring because if you just spend ten minutes investigating it , then you will see that falsehood of it. Even in christian faiths the different doctrines are startling. There is no way they all can be correct, no way that some are not wrong, yet every group claims they are right and the others are wrong. It is easy to say that they all are wrong. End of problem. Even more pronounced if you use a “holy” book that can be proven to be totally wrong in most aspects. Yet what stuns me is after being proven wrong on so much the same people claim and cling to the omnipotence of “their god”. Stupid beyond understanding. Look at it this way. Even dictators in countries have been able to set themselves up as the “god” of the country, without opposition. Can the Gods do less? Can the Christian god not send out a clear signal of which one of his groupies have it correct. Sorry but at this point I would rather believe in dragons and elves and pixies, it makes more sense. May the force be with you. Hugs

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  2. I really do think CS sometimes sits back and thinks about the most ridiculous things he can say that his followers would still believes and the atheists will be outraged that he said that. I appreciate CS for being able to walk that thin line. I mean the fact that there were numerous religions even before the Abrahamic one just shows you how easy it is to think up gods. Whether it’s logical fallcies, history, the animal kingdom, or science, the list of things CS doesn’t seem to know grows at an alarming rate. lol

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    • I don’t think CS puts that much thought into his responses at all. He truly comes across as a very hyper-religious, deluded crack pot. I really mean that. He’s a total f*&king whack-job. What you read is what you get. That’s the kind of stuff that rages inside his skull every minute of every day. I honestly don’t think there’s any kind of intention behind anything, other than to let everyone know that he knows which god is the right one and everyone else who doesn’t realize what is so obvious to him, is wrong or wicked or damned.
      Hanlon’s razor. Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity.
      Actually beyond stupidity and into mental illness. He’s a very sick, mentally ill person.

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      • I’m not sure that he’s mentally ill. He definitely does ramble and go all over the place in his comments and posts. Most of the time in his comments here and to me on other blogs, he’s just mean and Hostile. Sometimes creatively so, but sometimes not. I just don’t think he’s very happy thinking about the possibility that it’s all a sham, so he does whatever he can to shut people down either by direct hate-filled comments or just rambling idiot speak that discourages further discourse with him.


        • Hmmm – interesting hypothesis. I know one way we could get to the bottom of it, but it would require him to be subjected to a psychiatric evaluation – which isn’t likely to happen any time soon!
          For the record, I’m thoroughly convinced he’s out of his mind, but of course it’s not possible to know for sure. So we’ll have to continue to speculate.

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