Yesterday’s Book Haul

Every book is a Love Letter from the Past

Words on a page can never really convey the full extent of the love and hope for our future that the authors had for us in communicating their knowledge and ideas forward into the next generation.

Don’t let them down. Don’t let their efforts die because you’re too busy playing video games or watching overpaid athletes playing children’s games for your amusement. And REALLY don’t let some undereducated and dishonest Apologist keep you from knowledge that’s been decades, centuries and millenia in the discovery and transmission, just because it disagrees with your particular flavor or Superstitious Mythology.

Ignorance is never a good Argument and makes a piss poor substitute for Evidence that Demands any kind of Verdict.

Some light reading that should hold us over for awhile.

I found a:

  • Spanish/English Bible
  • History of Religions in Korea, signed in English and Korean by the author 😉
  • And three great books on Evolution and why it matters.

I better get to reading. Our bookshelves just got a lot more crowded and we just got five more books further behind. How about you? What are you reading today? Post a pic and a story.



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