NaPoWriMo: Haiku and a Great video on why it’s ‘difficult’ to be Vegan or Vegetarian

It’s not Easy, but it’s not impossible either

Our minds and bodies have been reprogrammed by society and the corporate world to want what is not good for us and hate what is. They have literally made it Easier to Self Suicide by continuing to exploit and kill other innocent and sentient animals. They’re making millions as we die killing animals, the environment and ourselves.  


Once I didn’t know.

All life is connected We

Matador is ME


Use your higher brain, your more evolved self, your “better angels”. Eat to Live, don’t just Live to Eat. The planet, the animals and your health will thank you for it. Why not try a Vegan Diet and Lifestyle today, or at least start vegetarian. Love yourself, love your fellow earthlings and love your the earth. 



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