NaPoWriMo: For TJ’s Household Haiku – Sun and Moon

Cosmic Partners

Moon reflecting Sun

Suns provide what Moons return

Nature’s archetypes


TJ is BACK!! Woo hoo!! We missed you buddy. Thought I’d never see another Household Haiku Challenge. Welcome back from the ‘backside of the desert’. I of course am still in the desert, the Valley of the Sun, here in Arizona. 

Here in the Phoenix area we know all about the Sun and his plans for us this summer. Plans of scorched earth, no rain or humidity, and Temps of 110-120 degrees until just the middle of October. 

For those out there in The Recovery with me, TJ has a wonderful Haiku Challenge that he offers on Fridays with a prompt to get you going. I’ll let him explain.

“Basically the theme this week is “Sun and Moon”, those strangely opposing yet intrinsically linked celestial bodies.

You don’t have to use the words within the haiku, just find some inspiration from them. Or you can use the picture prompt.”

“As for me and my house, we will serve…” Each Other 
My offering is about the traditional archetypal ‘truths’ of initiation and response, giving and receiving that run thru the fabric of human interaction and society. 

As a Christian, I was taught by people like Elizabeth Elliott and Oswald Chambers that… 

“God is so masculine that the whole of creation is feminine by comparison” 

… meaning He is the great giver and provider, and that our roles are to become the best receivers, responders and reflectors of that provision that we can be. He is the Source and we are His Resourcers if you will to the world and each other. The Chriatian Life, I was taught, was a Supplied Life, with us Resupplying His Life and Provision to those around us and the World.

This was also the basis for male/female relationships as the male is the Head and Leader/Provider for his household, God’s primary representative in the home and in society. Some Christian churches, some we have been members of and involved with in the past, even teach that the Husband is the Intermediary High Priest of the Home, both receiving and Passing down direction and guidance and direction from On High for the Family and in the Church. 

A Change in Season

Of course now, having Deconverted from our former Faith, we see things more egalitarian, even than we did before. My wife and I are coming up on our 12th anniversary soon and while we have always from the beginning been more like equal partners than a lot of couples in our church experiences, ie. We never really subscribed to the Jerry Maguire ‘you complete me’ thing, since we’ve been ‘In Recovery’ we have been developing even more in these areas of partnership, teamwork and seeing ourselves as two wholes making a new “One”.

You see, the two wholes have committed to our own paths of becoming more so, that the One may become even greater together every single day. We BOTH Provide for each other and we BOTH reflect and respond to the needs and accomplishments of the other. We are a team and a partnership of equals making the whole One better, stronger and more than we were before. We are both Sun and Moon.  

Blue Boat Home

By Peter Mayer

Though below me, I feel no motion 
Standing on these mountains and plains 
Far away from the rolling ocean 
Still my dry land heart can say 
I’ve been sailing all my life now 
Never harbor or port have I known 
The wide universe is the ocean I travel 
And the earth is my blue boat home

Sun, my sail, and moon my rudder 
As I ply the starry sea 
Leaning over the edge in wonder 
Casting questions into the deep 
Drifting here with my ship’s companions 
All we kindred pilgrim souls 
Making our way by the lights of the heavens 
In our beautiful blue boat home

I give thanks to the waves upholding me 
Hail the great winds urging me on 
Greet the infinite sea before me 
Sing the sky my sailor’s song 
I was born upon the fathoms 
Never harbor or port have I known 
The wide universe is the ocean I travel 
And the earth is my blue boat home.

Where is your offering?
For those of you not familiar with Haiku Poetry, it’s very simple but with the simplicity it can convey sublime depth and sophistication. All it takes is three lines with syllables of 5, 7, 5 in that order. Why not take a stab? Just include the link to TJ’s post and mine if you’d like. 

By the way, Ritu has an early entry HERE too. Edwina’s is a good post also HERE, and she’s the one who introduced TJ’s haiku challenge to me in the first place. Check them out, you’ll be glad you did.



15 thoughts on “NaPoWriMo: For TJ’s Household Haiku – Sun and Moon

  1. Oh my word you are all the kindest people! I love the haiku but also your reflection afterwords. I am so glad you share your “recovery reflections”. I am going through a crisis of faith myself at the moemnt and really appreciate reading about the perspective of others who are trying to make sense or this great, frightening and wonderful world we live in.

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      • Quote KIA
        “Moon reflecting Sun
        Suns provide what Moons return
        Nature’s archetypes”
        Unquote KIA

        I seek the truth
        err natures archetypes
        your haiku explained

        my haiku explained
        the truth… nature’s archetypes
        the sun… the moon

        moon returns light
        night shadows guide or follow
        the sun reflected

        i hope i have
        justice done… your haiku
        myself too

        Take care, have a great week,



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