Xtian HaiKu: Shuffle… or Fold

(((Reposted 4/8/17 for TJ’s encouragement)))

In reponse to TJ’S post HERE 

Shuffle On or Off?

The cards we are dealt 

Are rarely ever our own

They are… Play or Fold.


Things to Remember

The House seldom ever plays fair. The cards are almost always stacked against you from the start. You will never be able to tell what the other players have that you need. 

Lady Luck is a B*tch with a Stone Cold Heart.

Encouragement for the Game

But I’ve learned… that if you refuse to blame others for your failures and expect them to make up for your lack, the successes will come as well, eventually, in the odds.

Don’t give up and don’t give in. Life is not a game. It’s an adventure with real consequences and real rewards. 

Just don’t leave the Table early

Play or Fold… it’s your choice, no one else’s. 

“I set before you Life and Death… therefore, chose Life”



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