NaPoWriMo: My Poor Sick Boy

This is Sonny-boy. He’s been a member of our family since just after we moved into this home we live in now. That’s almost 8 yrs. He will be twelve this July. But he has a problem. He has a congenital heart valve defect that has caused Congestive Heart Failure and his heart to be enlarged, as if it isn’t big enough for us and his sister already, and now he’s not feeling well most of the time. 

Family Gifts

We’re all meant to have big hearts

No one can tell when our lives start

Babies don’t come with full shopping carts

It’s up to us to fill them up with loving things once they’re here.

So they in turn can re fill to others once our paths part.


Silly little poem I guess…

We have him on different medicines but he continues to hack and wheeze and cough because he’s trying to get more air into his lungs. You see, his heart is so big that it’s pressing up on his trachea and out on his lungs.

We want our boy to “…live and not die…” So he can continue “…Declaring the glory…” and goodness of being a part of our lives with uncontrolled barking at stray leaves that pass the windows of our front room, and slight changes of wind direction outside. Yes, he’s a yapper with SDS… Small Dog Syndrome. Much less yapper these days, though. Daisey-Mae has had to pick most of his slack in that department.

We love our boy. We miss the dog he was and will sorely miss the dog he still is when he’s gone, which we hope is still a long way off. He gives such joy in return. I just wanted to tell you about him this morning for NaPoWriMo. Thanks for reading and following our continued journey.



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