My WordPress 5th Anniversary: The Journey Continues 

Two of the seven bookshelves we have in the house

The bookshelves in our back room, filled with words and ideas and dreams and stories. Only one shelf remains of my mom and dad’s books. Can you tell which one?

Bookshelves contain many things. They are time capsules to the past, microscopes on the present and crystal balls into the future. There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t see my mom and dad, my brother and now my grandmother in these books and shelves. These books contain the continuity of my family and all of humanity. 

My wife and I have made these shelves, that once belonged to my parents, our own. We have filled them with our own dreams, likes, wishes and quest for knowledge and beauty. Whether with a glass of wine, a mug of beer or a hot cup of coffee, I can enjoy other world’s in the words of others. 

WordPress is a lot like these shelves

Life before WordPress was very much like life with WordPress and will probably be so even after WordPress. Thank you all for giving me 5 good years with a lot of change and grace. You have allowed my words, ideas and snippets of my life to have a place, even if just temporarily, on your shelf. I started as Purposeful Pruning, restarted as My Omer of Manna and morphed into the Recovering Know It All. Some may remember the previous blogs and what I wrote in them, and how different this one is. Thank you for sticking with me. Thank you for reading, Liking, commenting, and following our continued journey. 

Here’s to full bookshelves, full of diverse and different ideas to learn and grow from. “We’re on and journey”


13 thoughts on “My WordPress 5th Anniversary: The Journey Continues 

  1. Great read! Im a huge fan of books (and bookshelves), so I could really relate to this post. I can totally understand your feelings on how bookshelves can be intimate and such personal little time capsules.

    Also congratulations on 5 years my friend!


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