NaPoWriMo: Tie Tuesday edition 2

One of my newest ties from Goodwill. I get all my best ties at $3- $5. I have actually paid full price for a few, but not many and they are special ones that just inspired me at the moment… and I couldn’t find them in Goodwill or Savers. 

This is another of the ties produced by the Make a Wish Foundation, designed by one of the children, Brandon from the Texas Gulf Coast. Sometimes tragedy and chronic or even terminal illness can Rob you of your dreams. Brandon wants you to know that they don’t have to. He wants you to Hold on Tight to your Dreams.

Dreams fuel Hope

Our dreams change thru life.

Dreams are what life is made of.

Always keep your dreams. 


Never give up, nervous give in. Be willing to change and Evolve with the environment. But never stop dreaming. Never stop looking at the world with childlike wonder and awe. 



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