One woman’s story on Leaving the Fold

And one man’s story

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16 thoughts on “One woman’s story on Leaving the Fold

  1. Mike I liked the first video in particular, could really emphasise with that.

    I was looking through my notes and found a comment I had made on another blog back on 1 March 2015. This tells a little bit more of my story from what you might already know.

    I am still involved with Christianity as a minister but am having serious doubts. Over the last month I have been reading the Bible with fresh eyes and it has been a revelation. I am only now starting to appreciate how much I had rationalised away troubling passages.

    I am presently reading through the Book of Numbers and have realised that God seems very temperamental and bad tempered there. When the people grumble God sends plagues, snakes, earthquakes, fire the list goes on. It portrays God as someone who is very easily angered.
    One of the things that has stopped me breaking my links with Christianity is the question of some supernatural type events. I was at a service once when a mild mannered lady came forward for prayer and as the person was about to pray for her she fell to the floor screaming, they took her away and said they expelled two demons from her. This happened about three foot away from where I was sitting. I know it was not a ‘put up job’, but I do wonder whether there is a medical explanation for these types of happenings.

    On a couple of occasions I have prayed for people and felt something like a current of electricity flow through my body as I laid hands on them. Christians tend to assume this is from God, but I did not feel especially holy. I wonder whether there is a natural explanation for such phenomena. One person I prayed for said they felt intense heat coming from my hands and where I had touched them was still hot about an hour later. Could there be some natural explanation for such an outcome?

    I was interested to hear a talk by a Christian historian on the matter of talking in tongues. He gave the example of a Christian revival in Africa. There were two separate regions involved, in one region prior to the revival there had been teaching about tongues, in the other no such teaching. Subsequently tongues was only manifested in the region where it had previously been taught.

    I read a study on the spread of religion by a sociologist. It provided a very cogent case that it is social factors that explain the best the spread of religion. The spread of Christianity from its early beginnings accords very well with such a model. People generally convert when the majority of their social contacts belong to the group.

    I really started to doubt in early February 2015 and withdrew from ministry on 26 April 2015.

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    • What a great testimony. For many of us, it’s as different as the many denominations of christianity. For me it started long before I left as well. My dad was dying in June 2010 and I was struggling to reconcile the idea of my dad, the best and most moral and good man I’d ever had the privilege of knowing, was going to hell or at least not going to be with the Lord. It took many more life changes and discoveries before we were willing to agree with conviction that it was all bunk and a lie.


  2. A comment I made on another blog on 5 April 2015 as I left faith:

    ‘I have invested a lot in my faith, so it is a wrenching issue for me. I have not totally abandoned faith yet, but the weight of evidence against keeps mounting up. I have not been prepared to let my local friends know of these developments as I am especially concerned for the implications for my brother who is an ordained minister. I am confident he would react with compassion, but I don’t wish to damage his standing.

    I am still giving God a chance to prove me wrong. But God does not seem to want to do that. Maybe because he is not there? What i have found in the online discussions is that more liberal Christians are understanding but more fundamentalist Christians tend not to be. However I have always found liberal Christianity to be a questionable interpretation of what is in the Bible, so I am not sure it is a viable way forward to me. I suppose I see it as a human attempt to try to remove the difficulties out of Christianity but if there is no supreme being behind a religion then I can’t see the point of it.

    Oh for certainty. I suppose it is something never likely to be within my grasp. Thanks for being understanding.’

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  3. And a further comment on 7 April 2015:

    ‘Since I have been going on this journey I have found that all the issues and concern I had about faith, which I had bottled away inside, have come to the surface.

    I find that it is only in these on-line forums that I can find people who really understand these issues. The sad reality is that most people I know in church circles have such little understanding of issues in the Bible and Church history that it would be pointless discussing the issues with them even if they were so inclined. Last year I would meet regularly with a pastor at one of the local Pentecostal Churches to pray and talk. I was somewhat surprised when this pastor, who had been a christian for 60 years, would ask me to help explain aspects of the Bible to him as he concluded I was better educated on these matters than he was.

    Most Christians have little idea of how the Bible was put together and the major issues and contradictions within the Bible. Few Christians have an understanding of Church History and the very real issues this gives rise to. Few Christians understand the doctrines of the Church and the possible alternative theological views to these doctrines.

    My church is certainly no shining light and if I raised issues I was challenged by with them I would most likely just receive back blank stares. What is interesting is that so many of the leading Bible Scholars who are now Atheists started out as people of faith, it was their study of God’s word in more detail that turned them into Atheists! If I had not undertaken theological and biblical studies I doubt I would be facing these issues now.

    Christian apologists come out with trite arguments supporting the integrity and reliability of the Bible. They sound persuasive to the uniformed person, but not to people who really understand the topics. A couple of years ago I studied the archaeological support for the Exodus and was surprised to find there was none. What I have found now is that now most experts in the field now seriously doubt the Biblical stories about David and Solomon. They are almost certain that the stories about Moses and the Patriarchs are total fabrications. Yet apologists say that the archaeology supports the Bible!’

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    • Our blogging buddy Dax would probably be such an Apologist for the integrity of the scripture. With all his education and experience, he would still be wrong about the reliability of the texts and the reliability of the message. It’s a patchwork of fiction


  4. KIA, (and Peter)

    The same time I got notification for this post, I got another notification – from a different blogger – on her story. She’s someone who has been struggling since 2014 (you’ll see that’s when she began her blog) and it is heart wrenching to read stories such as these. Worse for her because she’s still ‘incognito’ and a missionary. . . . sigh. . . .

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    • i’ll check it out. i was a missionary before also. inner city missions 5 1/2 yrs here and short terms in mexico and south korea. my mentors and friends still don’t know i’ve walked away. if she’s still on the mission field… wow. that’s gotta be tough. headed to her blog after work. i just got to the office. thx for the heads up


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