My Journey pt 4: “An Interview with ‘a’ KIA” for InfectedSaint: Why I Quit The Faith

(((Reposting 4/28/17 from last year)))

Brad Pitt, “Eat your heart out”

Hi there. I recently had the pleasure of responding to a few questions from a fellow blogger named Dax who has a PhD from a Christian College and is in Ministry. His aim was to do a Blog Post about me, a Deconvert from Christianity, and ask me some questions that might “Open” and unpack the issues and reasons for my departure from the Faith I held for 34 yrs proclaimed for 25 yrs in Avocational Ministry of various roles. You can read his Blog Post HERE.  It should have been “Why I Left the Faith”, but I’ll give him that… it’s his post and I didn’t think it was unfair at all. I kind of liked the post. It was after all, All About Me

His blog, Infected Saint,  is HERE if you’d like to check him out. He seems to be a serious person and thinker. Although we may disagree on certain issues from perspectives of where we both are on our journey’s, I have generally found him to be clever, insightful and intelligent in conversation and tone. A pleasure to exchange with in the spirit of mutual respect and inquiry. Thank you once again Dax for allowing me the opportunity to share just a part of my Journey.

Here are the His Questions and My Answers:  

1. What do you consider yourself and would you please explain what it means to you?

*** what I am asking here is do you consider yourself an atheist or agnostic or something else and what do you mean by that.

Answer #1

I don’t really know how i would Identify. as least not at this point in time. i don’t think i’m atheist because i still believe there ‘might’ be a god/gods, but i no longer believe we would ever know it if there were, nor would we be able to demonstrate their existence in the ‘real’ world. i guess for me, at least for now, the question becomes irrelevant. Who am i now? I’m just me, like i’ve always been. That’s who I am.

2. You were one time in the Christian Faith. Could you explain how you came to be part of the Christian Faith and how committed would you say you were to the faith?


Yes, I was a christian/disciple of Jesus for 34 yrs, 25 of those in what i will refer to as ‘Avocational’ ministry of various forms. From teaching, evangelism (street and otherwise), international missions in two different countries and the US in the inner cities of the phoenix AZ area (gangs and kids pre-gang). I’ve led home groups, led worship in small groups, outreach and church settings and have discipled men (my personal forte and passion for the last 20 years). I’d say i was about as committed and flexible a ‘disciple of Jesus’ I’ve ever known without remaining a celebate, lifelong missionary in a third world country. I’ll match my ministry C.V. to anyone, any day.

3. Why did you leave the faith? Would you describe that journey?


Evidence. Evidence had convinced me that i had been wrong about the very foundations of the Truth Claims and claims to Archaeological/Historical accuracy and the Textural Integrity of the Bible as a whole as God’s Word. to quote a verse slightly modified, “If the foundations be destroyed…” what is a christian to do but deconvert?

4. What is your take on Christians today? If you had then all gathered up in a room to listen to you what would you say?


My take on Christians today? I would hope they are like me, asking questions and searching for answers, even if those answers lead them away from what they believed as irrefutable and incontrovertible Truth. What would I say? Don’t be afraid to Think, read and question for yourself. Don’t ever stop growing in your knowledge and curiosity of the world around you and how you fit into it. Overall, Think for yourself and don’t let anyone tell you to just accept the answers you are given. 

5. What advice would you give Christians on dialoging with those they disagree with?


Be respectful, diligent and courteous. listen and allow yourself to think thru the questions and the answers from both positions. “seek first to understand, then to be understood”. be open and ready to learn, but also ready to express and exchange what you hold to be true. 

6. If Christianity is a farce why do you think millions and millions have followed it since the time of Jesus, many even to their deaths?


Millions of people believing something to be true, “even unto death” is not evidence of it actually being true. realize, there are millions of Muslims, Buddhists and Hindus who have also lived and died for the Truth of their beliefs. would you concede the same ‘value’ to their convictions that they are true beliefs? i’m not sure you would. 

(((  That’s my best attempt at answering your questions. I hope i’ve done my part of the conversation and it is helpful for you and those who read on your blog. Thank you again for the opportunity.  -KIA )))

Dax’s response to my answers requesting Clarification:

Yes thanks. The only change would be question #6. I am actually not asking that apologetically, like I am trying to persuade. I was more coming from the angle of why do you think millions and millions follow even to death? What do you think leads to such dedication if faith not genuine. I was interested in your opinion

And my Clarification based on his request:

“Genuineness of faith is not the issue. The truth of what one believes is. I can only answer for myself and possibly you can apply liberally.

They believe, as I believed, and do such things, as I did, because they believe with all their hearts, minds, souls and strength that what they believe is actually true. No one questions or should question the genuineness of such a ones faith. It’s a malformed question that leads to the answer I gave for what I understood as the implied end of the question.

People do amazing things everyday for beliefs that are the most absurd. Take the bombing of the WTC and more recently Paris in November and Brussels a couple of days ago. It lends no evidence or credence to the truth of ones convictions or beliefs that one is willing to die for them. Thus my original answer.

I hope that clarifies it a bit more.”


I do encourage all to go to his blog and comment, like and if so inclined, Subscribe. I still believe dialogue, discussion and open, free exchange and engagement is the best way to break down barriers and understand each other.

There are so many bloggers out there in the so-called “Christian Internet Apologetics” blogosphere who pay only slight lip service to what they claim. They claim to be places of Ideas, Answers and Interchange for Doubters, Skeptics and Thinkers. Instead, they offer censorship and Passive Aggressive Bullying to those who won’t submit.

I believe, I hope it to be the case, that Dax is of the sort to stay open and conversant enough with those who disagree with him that he is able to listen and understand the real issues underlying the Reasons I and others have Left “The Faith once delivered” after many years and even, in my case, decades as followers of Jesus.

Thank you for reading and following my journey as The Recovering Know It All.



13 thoughts on “My Journey pt 4: “An Interview with ‘a’ KIA” for InfectedSaint: Why I Quit The Faith

  1. Well said. KIA I really appreciate you taking the time to answer my questions. Many have reached out to me intrigued by your answers. It has made them think. They are in the Chrisitan bubble and don’t engage with those who disagree. Your answers have woke them up.

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  2. I must admit, it is refreshing to see these questions asked with no criticism but with the need to understand. As someone who was once a devoted Christian, the first thing that shook that foundation when I started questioning a lot of things was the Bible;it’s origin, the modifications and the like. I loved the Q and As. Hope for more dialogues like this.

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  3. Looking back on my time as a Christian I can see how easy it is to be deluded and not think things through.

    I remember a few years back when the Chinese Government was persecuting members of the Falun Gong sect, I was bemused why the Sect members would be prepared to die for their beliefs. My reasoning at the time was that it was all very well to die for something true like Christianity but why die for something false like Falun Gong.

    Looking back I wonder how I could ever have entertained such muddled thinking. But perhaps I am not alone. I give up counting the number of times I have heard apologists argue that a factor in favour of the truth of Christianity is that the early Christians would not of been prepared to die for a lie. Just because a person thinks something is true does not mean it is, otherwise there would be only one (or no) religion.

    Well done on your interview.

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    • thank you once again for your comment. intelligently insightful and it shows your wisdom and experience. my life now is full of the kinds of ‘flashback’ regrets and epiphanies. thx for sharing one of yours.
      incidently, i sent a group of three questions for Dax to answer and reply to me recently for a similar posting i want to do. hope it comes soon.


  4. Really nice to see cordial dialogue like this, especially online. It can be SO TOXIC. I’ve had a quite different experience than you in my Christian faith, but being able to speak to one another about it from a caring standpoint. There are so many, on both sides, who really don’t WANT to know how the other person feels, what they’ve been through, etc. Without that, I don’t know see how it can be anything but disingenuous. Nice blog. Keep it up.

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