Xtian Haiku: Freedom is Inevitable

Recovery Escape Pod

I am not the first

And I will not be the last

There is room for all.


My continuing Journey. 

Our transition from people of Faith in a Book written by fearful and supersititious men and it’s Story of Salvation from the wrath of its God to men and women of our own destiny is a fluid and changing narrative. There are those who would hinder and divert the progress. People for whom fear and insecurity is their only hope. There are others whose desire is to silence and and curse my egress as if it were their darkness. 

I don’t know where I’m going but I know where I’ve been.

I spent 34 years knowing all the answers, now I know that I  don’t even know all the questions. ‘Invasion of the Body Snatchers’ had it right. I wass taken over and used for the Bondage of others and myself. But I’ve broken out of the Pod. I’m escaping to Freedom. I want to know… not just believe. How about you? The ship is going down. Flames all around us… engulfing us… becoming us. There’s room for one more. Another seat beside mine, maybe more. “To boldly go…” where no Christian had gone before. OK, maybe a few have. But not us… Yet.

Let go of your Fear, your insecurity, your pride, your certainty. Embrace the Unknown. Reach forth to what has been denied you, what has been Removed from you at New Birth. Become who you were born to be. 

The Escape Pod launches soon… Be on it. Its time for you to stop being satisfied with just Believing. Turn on again your desire to Know. “Ask, Seek, Knock…” Are all well and good, but the answers are beyond what you have been told. Yes, Trust but also Verify. 

Are you ready? 3…2…1…Launch!!!



9 thoughts on “Xtian Haiku: Freedom is Inevitable

      • It just seems you have been falsely judged too many times. That is a plague these days. It makes you want to turn away. I grew up in the Bible belt, so I have seen the filth people make of it. But there are quiet ones out there who make much more sense than the loud ones. We live in an overly expressive world.

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          • Think of walking into a zoo where all of the animals are cared for. There is a moderate amount of noise, but not too bad. If something is wrong, the animals will make more and more noise as a result. This is what I see going on in the world. People are freaking out and nudging and shouting at each other. They provoke their surroundings as a cry for help, but the cry for help is painful to the person next to them and it spreads all over. Everybody wants to convey their pain to be understood, but we just keep hurting each other in the process. Who will be strong enough to not react in pain and stop the cycle with self evident clarity? Who can stop this madness from continuing stronger and stronger? If we seek salvation from those who seek salvation then we might as well give up. I am a VR experience designer and it is easy for me to imagine that this world is created. It does not seem far fetched because I do the same thing as a worldly profession. But the overly expressive people taint everything!!!


  1. So are people who are in the faith only there becasue they refused to ask questions? Are you somehow better than they are because you have asked? Maybe you should list out the questions those of us with inquiring minds might ask instead of insulting the inteligence of believers.

    Just a thought mate but if this is your thing, carry on.


      • That guy asked you an intelligent question. And so did I. You are clearly looking childish at this point. Imagine your Father watching you right now acting like a heathen and promoting heathenism. All people want to say these days is “Don’t judge me”. They want to live in the Lady Gaga “Mother Monster” world without prejudice. Just watch how that filth turns out since you are promoting and declaring your service to that way now. Narrow is the gate my friend. You are loved, but if you do not know that, you will only go to the wide gate which many stumble through. Can’t you see the Serpent tempting you away from morality? If not, then maybe the Serpent is your true father, and I should let you slither toward him/her/it. But it only makes me weep, not frustrated. I could only be frustrated if I were confused after all.


        • hey there brother travis. “Narrow is the gate my friend. ”
          clearly, from your comment, you don’t seem to be my friend. i appreciate the comment and the time you took in reading the whole post though. thx and have a great Christmas -kia


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