TJ’s Wednesday Gratitude – Event

Here’s a wonderful new weekly event to get on-board with from TJ, the blogger who brings us the Household Haiku Challenge. It’s called Wednesday Gratitude. I’ll let him expound.

Why not spend a minute or two and focus on a few things that are worth being thankful for today?…

…Share in the comments either through a link to a post you write or simply put it down in the comment section (press the little black speech bubble to access)

Here are my three things I’m grateful for this morning.

  1. Family: I love my family. Years and even decades of wasted time and opportunities to cherish and cultivate relationship with those no longer with us have taught me to never take for granted the Family I still have with me.
  2. Life: The recent bombings overseas have reminded me this week that our lives are fragile, short and can quickly be ended without notice, cause or even good reason. I’m grateful for my own life and the lives of those around me.
  3. Work: I’m thankful to have work that I love and that helps people on a daily basis. What no do matters to real people with real families like mine in real need. There is never a day where I go to work that I hate showing up.

I’m an extremely blessed man to have such things to be grateful for this Wednesday. How about you? Why not share in the comments below and play along with TJ by making a post of your own and linking? 

Have a great day of Wednesday Gratitude. -kia

Xtian HaiKu: Killing for God… again

(((Updated for the Manchester Attack last night)))

Lives ended by Faith.
Death for being not like Him.
There is no Allah.

It would seem once again that the Peaceful Religion of Islam (translated Submission) is at it again. This time it’s in Manchester, just a couple of months after the attacks in March this year. My thoughts and best wishes are with the families and the victims of the most violent of crimes against humanity. 

Killing for God.


The Biblical God of Life and Death

(((Reposting 5/23/17))) 

… for those whose theology forces them to say that everything happens by if not the direct will, then by at least the Permissive Will of God for His Good Purposes and Plans. For the Bombing in Manchester that took the lives of at least 22 Innocents, there is no God that would call that Good and a part of His Perfect Plan. 

  • There is no Good God that would Permit this as a part of His ‘working all things to the good of those who love God and are called to His Purposes’. 
  • There is no Good God that would Allow this killing for some ‘greater purpose or meaning. 
  • No Good God would kill or allow or permit the killing of innocent lives either on His behalf or not… there is no ‘Greater Purpose’, Plan or Meaning in the deaths of innocent men, women and children. 

To the victims and families of the Manchester Bombing, our hearts, best wishes and even prayers go out to you this morning. -kia


Repulsive and Sickening

I saw a video recently on my YouTube listing that gave me pause and made me physically ill with regret that I ever Believed or Taught these things and a Christian. Take a gander and tell me what you think. -KIA 

“It’s right for God to slaughter women and children anytime He pleases.”

“Everybody who dies, dies because God wills that they die”

“He will take 50,000 lives today”

“He never wrongs anybody”

“What makes the question harder is that He commands People to do it”

(ie. kill innocent women, children and babies)

“So the problem isn’t that God ended the Canaanites’ lives.  The problem is that He commanded the Israeli soldiers to end them.  Isn’t that like commanding someone to commit murder?  No, it’s not.  Rather, since our moral duties are determined by God’s commands, it is commanding someone to do something which, in the absence of a divine command, would have been murder.  The act was morally obligatory for the Israeli soldiers in virtue of God’s command, even though, had they undertaken it on their on initiative, it would have been wrong. On divine command theory, then, God has the right to command an act, which, in the absence of a divine command, would have been sin, but which is now morally obligatory in virtue of that command.” -William Lane Craig

You see, if Man does Genocidal Murder of innocents… it’s Murder. If God does it, then it’s Okie Doke. Because right and wrong, good and evil, murder and justice are defined by whether God is doing it or not.

“By definition, It’s not illegal if the President does it.” -Richard Nixon 

The God of the Bible is not ‘Good’ because He is good… God is ‘good’ because He does it, otherwise it’s Evil if it is evil and immoral.

Christians… THIS is the God you serve. The Biblical God is not Good, He is just God. Whatever he does is Good, Right, Just and Moral. Regardless of whether it would be Evil, Wrong, Unjust and Immoral if we did it as people… Unless of course He told us to do it. THEN we would as Piper said “… share…” in His Execution of Justice.

It’s not complex at all.

God says it

I believe it.

That Settles it.


“Insanity is when you hear voices in your head telling you wake up in the middle of the night and kill your son.

(unless your name is Abraham)

Or someone else’s Son

(Unless your name is Joshua)

Think about it…




Even as a Christian, you must admit…

Noah’s flood is a myth

… and this

… and this

There’s just no evidence for it and alot of evidence against. We didnt know as Christians how much of the ‘evidence’ we were being fed by Kent Hovind and Ken Ham was just flat out wrong. We never understood how much actual evidence was out there that contradicted our biblical flood story until we started investigating for ourselves. Enjoy the take down.


How to Practice Faith & Spirituality – Rob Bell

From Pariah to Prophet

From a man and a minister that when I was a Christian I was told to brand a heretic and an apostate. I love this man now. Such wisdom and grace. 

Now, as a deconverted and former christian, I think… Great podcast interview on Faith and Spirituality without the imposition of Man-made ‘religion’. What wisdom, grace compassion, empathy and intelligence this man displays

Some favorite quotes from the interview:

” your life is a gift and you intuitively know how you respond matters”

“Humans tend to create institutions that get in the way of being human”

“What does it mean to make a difference in the world, what does it mean step outside your comfort zone”

Interviewer: “So what is it that you believe in? The whole big picture, what is the Faith then?”

Rob: “Overall? The big picture? I believe there is Something at work in the Universe, moving us Forward”

“Solidarity is Divine”

When asked about the Bible: 

“I read it Literate-ly. I read it as the literature that it is… I always begin that it’s real people in real places at real times… ‘whatever we know about the Divine begins with the Human'”

“The truth is some ideas about God have to die, they can’t keep up. You have to let go of that conception. If your God isn’t as big as your science, you’re in trouble… ‘we’ve learned some things about biology and cosmology and if your God can’t speak to this, it’s not going to work. “

Interviewer: “What is your Mission now?

Rob: “I want to wake people up to the miracle that is your Life”

Three truths he would leave behind:

“Love wins, everything is Spiritual. There’s Depth to everything… and there way more going on here”

What did you think of Rob Bell when you first heard of him and his book Love Wins? Have you read the book? We’re you a Christian? Have you also entered Recovery? What do you think of him now? 

What were your impression s of this interview and his positions now on Faith and Spirituality, God, the Universe and Wonder? Why not start a conversation in the comments below. Let’s talk.


Embrace True Forgiveness

(((In THIS post, James asks… “did jesus have to die for your sins?” His answer is Yes, because the debt must be paid. But is that Forgiveness? I think not. 

My question back to James, if he allowed my comments on his blog, which he doesn’t, would be  “Cannot the One who made up the rules and is Only offended by their abrogation just simply… Forgive? 

My answer is… Yes. Yes he can. But why doesn’t He? -kia)))

“True Forgiveness is me giving up my right to any Recompense for the wrong you have done to me. It means neither you or anyone else has to pay the Penalty or the Price. Otherwise it’s not Forgiveness, but just Punishment or Scapegoating someone else to keep you from needing Give what only you can give… True Forgiveness… Forgives.” -kia

In Christianity and according to the Bible, both Old and New Testaments, 

  • God creates the World, Us and All there is
  • He makes the rules
  • Only He is ‘ultimately’ offended
  • Ultimately, He is the Creditor
  • Only He is Unchanging and Unchangeable
  • Nothing we do or say can ever minimize or diminish What and Who He is

He could just Forgive, 

  • but He chooses to Recompense Eternal Punishment and Torture for finite offenses during our finite lifetimes. 

He could just Forgive, 

  • but His Glory ‘demands’ Payment, whether by You and I in a place of Everlasting Fire or His Own Son on an equally Finite torture and death on a cross. 

Only He is ultimately offended. 

  • Only He is able to Forgive and Release the Sinner from the Price and Penalty by True Forgiveness… Relinquishing His Rights to Recompense… on You or anyone else FOR you.

He could just Forgive… wouldn’t You? 

  • Have you asked yourself, christian… If He can and He could… Why won’t He and Why doesn’t He?

Embrace True Forgiveness Today. 

My Hope for you who are still as I once was, a Christian Slave to a False System of Divine Human Sacrifice and Eternal bondage or Eternal punishment… is that you would simply walk away from the False Forgiveness and system of Penalty, Price, Punishment and Pain. That you would learn that There is no Scapegoat. There is only True Forgiveness… or Recompense.

“I set before you Life… therefore, Choose Life”-kia paraphrase

Choose True Forgiveness Today and Give it to others Freely.


Ironic Memes: “Humanity in Action”

… When God is not

God does the most when everybody does something

I’m sure that the brother who posted this meme thought it was a good idea. But I obviously have a different idea and take on it based on a simpler unbiased reading and examining the other side of the coin. 

Allow me to explain.

When brother Wally says that God does ‘the most’, you might be correct if you read it ‘God does less’ when no one does anything.

I wonder if Wally believes that for some reason, God is somehow Limited, either by us or by himself. He is either  unwillingly or, if he is Sovereign and All Powerful… Willingly Limited to some extent to aid or help humanity without our cooperation. Its as if Humanity’s ‘something’… anything at all… somehow makes God’s ability and Power “more” than He would be by himself and without our contributions. God is more with us than he is without us in his ability and Power to affect the world and other people’s lives. It’s almost as if… Humanity gives God His life and activity. Or to paraphrase a new testament favorite of mine…

“In US he lives, and moves and… has His Being”

The sentiment Wally is trying to express and give God credit for is Humanity Helping Humanity. 

Humanism, humanity healing humanity, does more than God can or is willing to do. 

It might be implied broadly by some that this meme implies that… Humanity created God and Gods not the other way around, since as many Apologists repeatedly refrain “the Creator of the other is logically required to be at least as great and powerful as the creation”. 

Why give credit to the Biblical God when there is no evidence of his actual existence, when even Wally seems to know by his meme that Humanity is most responsible and most powerful to assist humanity’s needs and cries, God being either limited or limiting himself without our involvement? Although as a Christian in was ‘all in’ on this explanation, It literally escapes my understanding as a Deconvert. 

“There and back again”

I once thought and believed and even repeated the mantras and memes that brother Wally does and for the same reasons, with the same level of unthinking repetition. 

“But when I became a man, I put away childish things”.

 Such as blaming humanity for being less than perfect and assigning perfection and authority to One for whom we have no Evidence for His actual existence. 

I’m not anti-theist or even atheist. I no longer believe in the Abrahamic, Biblical God or the Jesus portrayed in the New Testament. Based on further review of the Actual Evidence, I believe neither actually exist. There may in fact be a God or gods out there, but I no longer believe we would ever know or be able to demonstrate their existence with Evidence. 

I currently consider myself… 

  • Agnostic as far as Knowledge of a God or gods existing,
  • Atheist in regards specifically to the Abrahamic/Biblical god, 
  • and a Humanist in regard to how I live and interact in this present world with my fellow humans. 

So I agree with the ultimate meaning of the Meme. 

Humanity is humanity’s best hope. Humanity in action, when God or gods are not. 

Thanks Wally for helping me clarify my positions a bit more and for helping me help you clarify yours.


Game Two of ECF: Celtics done?

(((Update Post Garden blowouts, wednesday and friday… not good. Not good at all.)))

At least game one was within 20 points. Last night’s game was an actual Blowout with a 50 point margin for the majority of the game. Add to that Isaiah Thomas leaving the game at half time and the post season for good…  

But there are still Five more games if Boston can come back to themselves when they get to Cleveland, only Two more if they can’t. With King James Holding Court at home, Thomas out till next season, and the Celtics looking like the Jesters at the Coronation, it’s not looking good at all. Go Celtics!!!

– kia

Do you believe the Unbelievable? Why and why not?

Christians, do you believe that Muhammed flew on a winged horse? Why not?

I give you… The Muslim ColorStorm:

I believe much stranger facts said by science which if you tell anybody 200 years ago would not believe and would call you crazy:

During your lifetime, you will produce enough saliva to fill two swimming pools.

The acid in your stomach is strong enough to dissolve razorblades. The reason it doesn’t eat away at your stomach is that the cells of your stomach wall renew themselves so frequently that you get a new stomach lining every three to four days.

The human lungs contain approximately 2,400 kilometres (1,500 mi) of airways and 300 to 500 million hollow cavities, having a total surface area of about 70 square metres, roughly the same area as one side of a tennis court. Furthermore, if all of the capillaries that surround the lung cavities were unwound and laid end to end, they would extend for about 992 kilometres.

Sneezes regularly exceed 100 mph, while coughs clock in at about 60 mph.

The human body is estimated to have 60,000 miles of blood vessels.

Nerve impulses to and from the brain travel as fast as 170 miles per hour. Neurons continue to grow throughout human life. Information travels at different speeds within different types of neurons.

Now i believe all these facts eventough i never did the discovery or the calculation by myself. I simply believe the scientist who did the discoveries.

Now you tell me why I should not believe my Prophet Muhammad when he said he travel from Makkah to Jerusalem with Buraq ( allegedly winged horse) .

Muslims, do you believe Jesus walked on water, raised the dead and was the Son of God? Why not?

I give you, the Christian Imam:

Yes. Consider Ephesians 3:9:

And to make all men see what is the fellowship of the mystery, which from the beginning of the world hath been hid inGod, who created all things by Jesus Christ:

Once you believe that Jesus was empowered by the Father in the beginning to create this physical existence we know, it is pretty easy to believe He could turn water into wine and walk on water. The great claim that people often think is unbelievable is the claim regarding who He was. As for what He did during His ministry, those things are all minor points. If you can create a universe, you can walk on water, most definitely.

Christians… Do YOU believe what could only be Unbelievable to others while disbelieving what THEY believe on Faith, the same way you do your beliefs? Why

Do you measure and critically examine your own beliefs with the same intelligent scrutiny that you dismiss the Unbelievable beliefs of other Faiths? 

Would you accept on Faith those Unbelievable beliefs the same way you do your own? Why or why not?


My comment to Peter should give us all pause…

Literally, Peter, what could NOT be ‘true’ once a person has made such a decision to accept whatever a particular Faith or Holy Book says is true?
What could they NOT totally dismiss, from reality and science and evidence, that disagrees?
Faith in the Unbelievable, as ufuomaee states in her post that prompted mine, is truly a mind-numbing and dangerous thing.
What action, reaction, terrorism, crime or bigotry against mankind or individuals could NOT be justified in light of “thus saith the Lord God” or “Allah commands it”?