Wok Wednesday at Pei Wei

Keeping in real with…

Teriyaki stir fried brown rice, veggies and tofu, veggie spring rolls and Mandarin iced tea.

Nothing like a veggie Good veggie night from Arizona after a long day at work. Enjoy. -kia


TJ’s Wednesday Gratitude – Event

Here’s a wonderful new weekly event to get on-board with from TJ, the blogger who brings us the Household Haiku Challenge. It’s called Wednesday Gratitude. I’ll let him expound.

Why not spend a minute or two and focus on a few things that are worth being thankful for today?…

…Share in the comments either through a link to a post you write or simply put it down in the comment section (press the little black speech bubble to access)

Here are my three things I’m grateful for this morning.

  1. Family: I love my family. Years and even decades of wasted time and opportunities to cherish and cultivate relationship with those no longer with us have taught me to never take for granted the Family I still have with me.
  2. Life: The recent bombings overseas have reminded me this week that our lives are fragile, short and can quickly be ended without notice, cause or even good reason. I’m grateful for my own life and the lives of those around me.
  3. Work: I’m thankful to have work that I love and that helps people on a daily basis. What no do matters to real people with real families like mine in real need. There is never a day where I go to work that I hate showing up.

I’m an extremely blessed man to have such things to be grateful for this Wednesday. How about you? Why not share in the comments below and play along with TJ by making a post of your own and linking? 

Have a great day of Wednesday Gratitude. -kia

Tie Tuesday: Books and Reading edition

Sorry for the low light pic this morning. It’s 330a here at the kia homestead and The Wife ™ is stickies in the front room. She’s been unable to lay down due to pain from what the doctor said was pneumonia and the over straining of her chest muscles from coughing. 

Those of you who still pray, it would be appreciated. Those of you who don’t, good vibes and thoughts of well wishes will suffice. In the end, they are both probably the same and yield the same result anyway. 

I’ll have to save the story matching the tie for later, I have to get to work. My wife will be home resting and trying to get better with the antibiotics and kicked up Aleve for the pain. Have a wonderful day.


Xtian HaiKu: “Arizona Summer”

Arizona Summer

Dirt, stubble and hay
Where once was green verdant grass,
Seasons change quickly.


Story is from this Year’s Struggle, 2016

It’s the end of May here in the Valley of the Sun. Almost gone are the cool mornings that drift into lovely days and back into cool nights meant for relaxing on the back porch with a good book and a nice glass of Red or White.

That’s could be why I’m so Blue these days. Anticipating the hot summer sun baking everything around me that isn’t protected from it’s “Love” with 115-120 degree temperatures. It’s right around the Start of June here in Arizona that I start praying for the Beginning of October and the End of our Perennial Desert Purgatory.

I used to tell the Joke of the two Seminary Grads, fresh out of school and starting their Ministry Careers in two different States, one in Hawaii the other in Scottsdale Arizona. Despondent to his Hawaiian friend over the phone one day of his lack of converts,  the Arizona chum complained that during the rest of the year, the weather was so good and pleasant that when he preached on Heaven, no one was enticed and when he preached on Hell, since they all had experienced the Arizona Summers, no one was afraid.

Satan Summers at the Biltmore, you know -KIA

May the Fourth be With You

Hey, it’s three of clock in the morning and I have to go to work. This is way better than I could come up with at the moment. Thank you. Enjoy the Day.-kia

Jodi L. Milner, Author

It’s May 4th and to all those Star Wars fans out there that’s a cause for celebration. To celebrate here, I’m sharing some of my favorite Star Wars memes!




Have a favorite that I missed? Add it in the comments!

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