“The Salem Witchcraft Argument Against The Resurrection Of Jesus” and WordPress Blog fraud in the name of defending Jesus.

Oh james… adding things to my comments again that I didn’t write? Caught you didn’t i, you dishonest fuck. My last comment to him on his post…


James, you realize that you are perpetrating a fraud in creating comments for me that I haven’t said and editing comments to say what I haven’t?

Fraud, buddy. I’m copying these to forward to wordpress. 


April 23, 2017 • 9:56 am

There is a wonderful video I once watched on the Resurrection of jesus and evidences of real witchcraft in Salem Massachusetts. I’ll have to find it again and create a post for you James.
Thx again for the writing prompt James, (((this next bit is what james added. It was not in my original comment))) my readers and I will have a great time ridiculing you and your idiotic beliefs I’m sure, lol.


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And he just created THIS one whole cloth… I did not write it 

April 23, 2017 • 1:13 pm

Why aren’t you replying to my comments you stupid fuck? Watch the video I posted yet?
Nah, probably not, why would you when you are afraid of the truth?


*** I did not post that comment at all on James’s blog. He made it up whole cloth as if I said it, attached my IP address and email address that he had in the comments section of his administration, and CREATED what he wanted others to think I had said. ***

Do you all realize what james just did? James just ghosted my Identity in his comments section to say what I didn’t say… Do you realize the inherent danger involved in someone doing that? Stealing your identity to say what he wants you to say? 

Could he not have me say threats of violence and racist epithets? Could he not have me say things that have REAL WORLD legal implications for me and my family? 

This is as scary as it gets

  • It’s one thing to moderate and block someone from commenting on your posts. That is ubiquitous on Christian blogs claiming to be apologetics sites for discussion, answers and free exchange of ideas… like James claims for his.
  • It’s another to edit out parts of comments that you don’t want to be seen, inserting your own commentary as to why you are doing it. CS is pretty famous for this as well as some others.
  • It’s another thing COMPLETELY to edit and ADD words and sentences to other people’s comments that they did not say, making it seem like they are saying what they did not say. 

But you’ve entered a whole new genre of crazy and legally questionable grounds when you actually CREATE WHOLE CLOTH comments that the other person did not say, in order to fraudulently put words in their mouths and paint them they way you want to portray them in a public space. 

You could very easily make them say ‘virtually’ (pun intended) ANYTHING you want them to, even legally actionable and dangerous things. This is what WordPress Internet Apologetics Blogs are down to “in the name of Jesus” to defend their Faith.

Dishonesty, Identity Theft and Fraud in the Name of Christ. And if I hadn’t been checking on my comments that were in moderation over there, I never would have known. 

Of course, now he’s erased all previous comments trying to cover his tracks. Thank god for copy and paste. I have the evidence, James you fucking…! (Word edited out by kia. 6/9/17)

(((Alright, I should not have called him a Moron. My apologies and I’m removing the Word from my original post

and this Repost. -kia)))

Christians… is THIS who you want representing YOU online? Is THIS who you want representing the Jesus you love, serve and follow? Then fight back against the very worst of the Amateur Internet Apologists on the WordPress Blogosphere. Tell them to STOP these activities immediately.



13 thoughts on ““The Salem Witchcraft Argument Against The Resurrection Of Jesus” and WordPress Blog fraud in the name of defending Jesus.

      • Yeah, I just popped over. I am there now.
        He is a such a schlenter.

        I would not be surprised if, like Bruce, and his chum Wally, he has a few rather interesting issues on the side.

        He does try very very hard to convince us of his ”faith” have you noticed?

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