Ravi Z is not who you think he is…

Just another sophisticated BS artist with honorary Doctorate Degrees and way more influence over the minds of intelligent Christians than he deserves.

“… from being a nothing, a nobody, to being listened to by so many in different walks of life…” –Ravi Z. himself, from his own autobiography, ‘Walking from East to West’

This is Ravi Zacharias. This man is a Fraud.

A man who loves the sound of his own voice and loves that others love the sound of his voice. A man who loves the adulation and limelight of being known as a Professional and Sophisticated Apologist for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

A man we used to trust implicitly when we were still Christians.

  • No Earned Degrees above a non-academic M-Div, (that’s ‘divinity’)
  • Never a visiting scholar at Cambridge University
  • Never studied Quantum Physics at Cambridge University 
  • Never a Research Fellow, let alone a Senior Research Fellow, at Oxford University 

Visit http://www.Raviwatch.com for the whole story on this huckster, Liar, charlatan, false credentialed and fake ass Apologist. Christians should be crushed by this news, as much as we are now even after we’ve been out of Christianity for awhile. But they probably won’t be. Because as Seth said…

“… your not really taking about a culture that’s hugely interested in Fact Checking… The Church is not a Fact Checking Culture, right?…”

The question that Christians have to ask themselves is… if THIS is what your Best Apologists have to do in order to gain the ‘credibility’ to defend your Faith from questions and challenges… 

  • would you care if it were all just smoke, mirrors and bullshit? 
  • Do you still care about Truth? 
  • Wouldn’t you want to know if it were all just Lies, Fabrications, Appeals to Authority and Arguments from Ignorance and Incredulity? 
  • If Ravi Zacharias has to Lie in order to ‘defend the Truth’… what Truth could there really be in what you believe?

Email Ravi at pr@rzim.org

… and what are you willing to do NOW that you know about who Ravi Zacharias really is and is not? Please Rethink your reasons for believing what you do. Consider the Evidence and challenge the ‘answers’ of The Apologists for the Gospel of Jesus. Think for yourself and join the Recovery. 

As a blogging buddy of mine is fond of saying… “it’s time to pull up the Big Boy Pants”.



113 thoughts on “Ravi Z is not who you think he is…

  1. KIA,
    I am laughing as I read through this. I used to be FB friends with two people – a husband and wife ministerial combo – who had a video of Ravi ‘apologizing’ on their FB site one day. This was probably about five years ago, before I changed my mind about religion. I remember that I commented at the time, “All I’ve learned from that video is that Ravi Zacharias loves the sound of his own voice; he said nothing edifying or explanatory”. I did some digging on him at the time (not specifically about his credentials) and I remember thinking that he was making a great living – I believe one of his daughters has followed in his footsteps, correct?

    Two people ‘making bank off Je$u$’, in my opinion.

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    • A mega-RICH liar for Je$u$, JZ. Of course, his story is that he was an atheist who had many problems and, in his teenage years, tried to commit suicide and then found Jesus.
      What christian can’t resist that tale?

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      • Carmen, he might be like David wood… I think rz never attem0ted suicide and David wood never tried to kill his dad with a hammer. It’s common for Christians to pad their testimonies to one up each other


      • Ah… cs. Both you and the good vicar and rz horribly mischaracterized his response. Rz just went further by free style paraphrasing it in a way that Dawkins did not say. Liar


        • Everybody clearly understood his point except you, who loves to twist things into your own delusions.

          Just an observation mike, take it or leave it. You post about a man and what OTHERS say of him. I post what He actually says himself, and you dismss every word. Why? Because he is correct and his logic is flawless..

          And in addition, you cannot cease from trying to rid yourself of what you know is valuable: the truth of God.


            • @carm

              The point than Dawkins muttered ‘uh God’, and Ravi Z paraphrased him saying ‘o my God.’

              (Dawkins gaffe vid)

              Ravi made the point. There was no lie.

              When he couldn’t cite the name of Darwins book, (the so called bible of atheism) he was exposed as a clown, the same way Dawkins tries to paint believers. and of course mike here accuses us of ‘lying’ when we simply cited Dawkins.

              There is a disconnect in the atheist brain, noted by Ravi Z when explaining how atheists even call upon God in their memory while they try to dismiss Him. As I said, the point is clear..


              • Ahh. . .I see, CS. It would follow, then, that there are tasks that would be impossible for me, without the ability to think rationally. I probably shouldn’t be driving, shouldn’t be standing up in front of students in various subjects (High School), shouldn’t be able to balance my chequebook, shouldn’t be able to manage a household, shouldn’t be able to do the many crafts that I enjoy, etc.
                Yet I do them all successfully – a few I’ve even managed to perfect!
                Some things just defy imagination, eh? ๐Ÿ˜‰

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              • Get a grip. We are specifically talking bout mikes poisonous mischaracterizations of
                Ravi Z, and how I pointed out Dawkins stupidity by recalling ‘God.’.

                Try to stay focused. Maybe you should actually listen to his lectures, instead of listening to what others say of him.


              • CS, if you had read my initial comment you would know that I HAVE listened to him. In fact, it was when I was a believer. Even then I recognized that he loved the sound of his own voice and spoke nonsense. He’s a showman and a huckster and that’s it. One who brings in scads of cash, I might add. He knows how the game’s played, eh?
                I’m not the least bit surprised you’re salivating over him, though. You both get your jollies denying evolution.

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              • Carm-

                I’m not salivating. Just offering a defense because of the pathetic attempts to discredit him.

                If you notice, I did not write a post extolling his virtues. Mike wrote the post, because this is how the godless rolls.

                To find fault with everything under the sun that is good, decent, and true.

                Maybe you have listened to him…..apparently you have not HEARD…………what he says.

                If you did, you would run from atheism quicker than you can say water is wet.


              • CS, the point of KIA’s post is to point out that Zacharias discredited HIMSELF by lying, exaggerating his education credentials, and perpetrating a fraudulent degree – that of a Doctorate, no less. Surely even you can see how it diminishes his credibility as a CHRISTIAN. (I mean, aren’t they supposed to be above reproach; the ‘designated adults’ of our society; the ones who radiate honesty and virtue?)

                Tell me, CS – why would I want to run from a logical, sensible view of humanity and return to a fantasy world, where wishful thinking replaces rational thinking? What good reason would there be to do that?

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              • KIA already did. If you don’t think misrepresenting is a lie, you’ve got trouble with logic. Of course, we already knew that one.

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              • And for the fourth and final time, I’m telling you not to point me to a known man (mike) who cannot be trusted to tell the truth. He takes extreme liberty with other people’s information. He is a master fabricator, and has a fun time accusing people (including myself, madblog, Wally, James , etc etc) of the lies he is guilty of.

                YOU cite the lies. He is entirely too boring and predicable for me.


              • Cs, he has repeatedly represented himself as a PhD in several areas… hasn’t been honest about the honorary until pushed to do so under threat of exposure… claimed to be a senior research fellow at Oxford, regular lecturer there, and other claims shown to be pure bullshit. Watch the videos, cs. He’s been caught. He doesn’t have an earned degree past a bachelor’s from a Christian school. He’s a fraud

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    • Hi jz. Just getting home from work. Brutal. Wonder why I can’t just fabricate a couple of PhDs and retire on my speaking fees?
      Rz is really well known in evangelical circles. Unfortunately the more I learn of my former faith and heroes the more shocked I get.

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  2. Here ya go mike. always better to hear from the man himself. A little intellect to crush godlessness, with a shout out to zande. Enjoy, and try not to be jealous.

    Since you all accuse him of lying……………go ahead and look for a lie………..
    Take the dare and listen to the whole thing.

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    • Dare taken, much somewhat erudite-sounding circular logic found. “First cause” assumes the veracity of linear time. Most modern physicists do not assume the veracity of linear time, other than as a convenient man-made construct. Here’s the deal with even the most advanced monotheistic apologetics: for all of its nonsense about the evils of worldly life, worldly life is ALL it knows. It models god on human kings/monarchs/CEOs, it models “heaven” and “hell” as locales wherein we still have something akin to sensory experience, and its moral decrees are only necessary for those who would choose to treat people horribly without the threat of eternal damnation: namely Christians. It never questions duality (us, the puny, sinful, yet “chosen” humans vs. god, the capo di tutti capa capriciously hurling figurative thunderbolts at “his” own creations for daring to treat him as anything less than the attention-seeking monstrosity you describe him to be.

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      • Seems his few minutes went over your head.

        If and when you can draw up the blueprints for the human fingernail we’ll talk.

        In the ‘information’ age, where people choke on data without digestion, it’s alarming that the same people do not see the need for a Creator, a programmer as it were, to put things in motion.

        Must be a bitch to have to defend godlessness without purpose. A task
        which gives no rest.

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        • Actually, it’s quite amusing to defend it because I only do so with those who are so unimaginative that they cannot see beyond the senses and so weak that they look to supernatural entities for justice while refusing to accept that we are living in a universe which does not care one bit about our biologically-instilled notion of justice.

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    • Cs… this video comes down to one tired tripe. “You can’t explain it… therefore god did it” No evidence required, just aregiments from ignorance “how else could it have happened?” And Incredulity “i can’t imagine it happening any other way.. God must have done it”
      Bull shit. God does not win the by default even if science’s best answer is “we don’t know yet”. You need evidence for your claim. Not bull shit assertions and shifting of the burden of proof.
      Like imsaid, go back to your flat earth


    • And to doug aka the littlestonegod.

      Maybe you should take off the cement hat for a while. It’s crushing your brain.

      Per your usual mode of anticipated and useless cements, its noticable you cannot contradict one thing Mr Zacharias says. He is light years ahead of your pretended intellect.


        • . . . and having a cement hat wouldn’t be so bad, eh Ark? Nice and light. Now, a concrete hat would be something else entirely. . . It might even make a person believe in a flat earth! ๐Ÿ™‚

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        • Always causing distraction eh doug when you are intellectually whipped by believers.

          But maybe you have PROOF that the earth has moved one inch, and that water operates on a curve……….

          Maybe you have never heard of sea level………….maybe you can walk on a basketball like an ant……

          But back to our regularly scheduled soap opera of godlessness, where the actors change faces, but the story is the same..

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            • Coming from you that’s a compliment. After all, you did say that Christ was a liar for citing Moses, who was verified by history, logic, common sense and scripture.

              So I’ll take your cloaked insult as just another compliment.


              • I do not believe in the biblical character Jesus of Nazareth, thus a fictional character can only be a liar in a literary sense.

                There is no evidence for Moses and thus he is recognised as being a work of fiction.

                There is a definite case for you being declared mentally unstable. I am not au fait with whether you could reasonably be declared a liar in such circumstances.
                All the same, as John Z has mentioned on several occasions, you should definitely not be allowed any contact with children.
                You really are a disgusting individual.

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              • I just yawned, because you remind me of a spoiled brat who screams that he didn’t get the candy bar.

                Of course you think all believers are liars. Of course you think Moses never lived.

                It is apparent that you recognize no other authority than your own.

                That is your escape hatch for facing truth.

                Maybe the Ravi Z. vids will do you some good. I included 2 you know, to combat the wild assertions of the host here.


              • Moses never existed because the evidence says he didn’t.
                If you have evidence to support your own claim then feel free to present it.
                You never have to date and your incoherent burbling are all symptomatic of a mentally unstable person.

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              • How about this ark:

                -A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver.-

                or this:

                -A soft answer turneth away wrath-

                Hard to disagree with this eh. See, some common ground. Now as to the details….


              • Okay … how abut this? You’re a real softy, Colorstorm, and have only our best interests at heart not wishing for any of us to spend an eternity in Hell.
                However …
                this does not negate the fact you should not be allowed near kids or that you are quite likely suffering from some sort of mental disorder.

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              • The only thing verified about Moses is that a guy by that name existed a long time ago. His miracles and the impossible age he allegedly lived to can only be found in scriptures which, by their very nature as documents of religious dogma verify NADA. Your pride is very strong, though, because you seem to take every clear insult as a compliment. So let me be clear: this is not a compliment, but the antithesis of one.

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              • Don’t forget that at the age of 120, his eye was not dim, nor his natural force abated.

                Then again, there was Methuselah, who died at the ripe age of 969.

                You may want to study up on WHY and WHAT conditions were contributing factors.


              • Non scientific?

                Can you produce grapes from a mulberry bush?

                Can a dairy cow produce a lamb?

                Does the sun produce heat?

                Do not the carpenters level or plumbline prove science?

                I could do this all day to prove God owns science.

                Mike, you embarrass yourself at every chance. Grow up already. There is more science in scripture if you care to pay attention.


    • Ark I was totally unaware of his issues with honorary doctorates and fake resume listing. It just never crossed my mind to question. Now i know better.


        • Ark even after deconverting I held Ravi Zacharias in high regard and would listen from time to time to his podcasts.

          Though in retrospect it does cause me to question one of his stories. Ravi mentioned that at one time he was in doubt and cried out to God for evidence and there before his eyes he saw a picture of Jesus in the knotted wood feature on the door panel. He had looked at the grained and knotted wood a thousand times before and only then did he see that it contained a picture of Jesus.

          How could I have been so gullible?

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  3. Surely you are aware that the academic culture of Biblical scholarship is a divided one– there are Biblical scholars who study without agenda, and there are the ones who found their studies on the premise that the Scriptures are false, there is no supernatural, etc… and proceed from there. But oh! the spinning of the virtue-signaling narrative!
    What ya got here is pure unalloyed confirmation bias.

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  4. I already said I was never a vocational minister. I’m clearing the personal info you posted. I don’t know anyone in Herndon VA. Consider yourself blocked


  5. I’m changing the commenting on my blog. Too many anonymous comments printing in my personal information without my permission. Sad, first person I’ve had to block completely. Let’s see if it works


  6. Sad to see this, I did notice the comment and agree with you deleting it and blocking the contributor. They fundamentally misunderstand the boundary between private and public. A public figure who makes claims about themselves and solicits money from the public should be held to public scrutiny. Conflating that with releasing personal information of a blogger is disingenuous.

    I suppose when the heroes of a person’s worldview are shown to be not they all they claim some folk see it as an attack on themselves and want to fight back. Shooting the messenger is a long and detestable tradition in human history.

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    • Thx Peter. If I had wanted my personal info shared, I would be sharing it. The commenter has an iP from Virginia. I don’t know anyone from there personally and none of that info shared is online available info to my knowledge. Creepy to be sure.


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