Jesus Christ: Madman or Something Worse?

((Updated and Reposted for Wally this morning for his ‘brilliant’ question

Who do YOU think Jesus Is?

With my appropriate answer/comment that will probably never make it past the censor.

“It matters little who people think jesus is or was. It matters what history says and can be demonstrated to be true… outside of the bias of the biblical text and the emotional and also biased assertions of religious religious adherents and sycophants.

From non biased secular historians who lived and wrote at the time jesus was supposed to have lived, died and resurrected, what does history say about the man jesus and does it corroborate the story of the NT? Not ‘who do you think jesus is/was?’ The question being malformed, so will be the answer. -kia”

Enjoy the Day. -kia

Is God really Just in Christ?

What if how you have been taught to see the person, work and teachings of the Jesus of the NT is skewed and mistaken? What if you’ve been reading the NT Jesus thru the eyes of Tradition rather than what the NT actually says? Liar, Lunatic, Lord… or Moral Monster?

Isn’t it worth another look at the NT Jesus and His OT God?



One thought on “Jesus Christ: Madman or Something Worse?

  1. Don’t just limit yourself to those books “approved” for the NT in the 4th Century CE. Read all the 70+ Jesus books written between 100 CE and 300 CE (since callled “apocryphal”), then ask yourself this same question.

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