Evolution is an Indisputable Fact

So simple a Hovind-ite can understand it… if he wants to

There is no scientific definition of an immutable Kind of lifeform. From other videos I have watched, Kent Hovind seems to understand the concepts of genetic variation and differentiation ‘within’ a species and Natural Section ‘out’ of individuals less equipped to survive in their environments and pass on their genes to subsequent generations. He and other Creationists refer to this as Microevolution. But he and they are philosophically and religiously biased against the idea that one Kind can develop into a different Kind in the same way, no longer being able to interbreed and mate with their progenitor species… referred to as Speciation or by them as Microevolution.

“Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools,” –Romans 1:22 KJV

There is no Micro and Macro Evolution. It’s all Evolution. And the Bias that the Kinds or Species of different lifeforms that fill our planet are Immutable past a certain Macro Barrier is not science. It’s Theology and willful ignorance. 

To maintain their Faith in a Biblical Story with no actual evidence For it and a lot of evidence Against it, they have chosen to Blind themselves and continue Blinding others to the Scientific Truth that the Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection is more than “just a Theory”.

Evolution is an Indisputable Fact of Nature. Deal with it.



25 thoughts on “Evolution is an Indisputable Fact

  1. I remember being taught Hovind’s material a couple of times. It was really wide-spread in the early days – surprisingly so given the technological restraints of that era. I can see why it worked, just keep on speaking “the facts” so very quickly that they don’t have time to write them down, to think about them, to remember something they read last week that contradicts “the facts” – overwhelm them with data. To me, he seems less like a teacher whose concerned with sharing information so that the audience understands the argument and more like an infomercial spokesman selling his message.

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      • At the time, how could any of us not? We were taught that this was a truly Biblical teaching, an explanation to support the Bible with actual, verifiable evidence that Creation is how the earth was made and therefore, God is the creator. They target the material just before kids really learn the science of evolution and encourage children to stand up to their science teachers with Hovind’s teachings and try to convert the whole class to Christianity. If you don’t, then you’re ashamed of God and because you didn’t speak up for Him, He won’t speak up for you because he’s ashamed of you. So you have to be bold with the truth because hell is at stake … yada, yada, yada
        I was talking about Creationism with my German friend and I told him that I didn’t know of a single kid from youth group who went on to pursue the sciences; he was the only person I knew who was both Christian (Lutheran) and a scientist (astrophysicist) and you’d just never see an evangelical kid pursuing a career in science because Creationism is an excuse to not study, not get the grades, and it’s pretty much o.k. in Christian households for kids to fail the evolution teaching in science textbooks.

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    • But john, God created animals according to their ‘kind’. The term ‘kind’ is not defined so is used by Christians to explain away many difficulties and give them wriggle room by arguing in essence that God allows micro evolution within a ‘kind’ but not macro evolution between ‘kinds’, Thus they can sort of explain short term observable change, and the longer term change is simply denied as not being able to be observed so can’t be ‘proved’.

      I am not looking to defend the argument, but simply explain it. Thus the key challenge becomes the fossil record. Here Christians seek to use crafty arguments which are disingenuous, but sufficient to cause the Christian enquirer reason to conclude that scientists are taking a greater leap of faith.

      Is it little wonder that so many Christians are prone to conspiracy theories which use the same technique.

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      • Peter, I am convinced now that the absolute best argument for evolution and common descent is genetics and the DNA similarities all life forms have to each other. That and comparative anatomy. I’m certainly not an expert but what I’ve seen and read has me convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that all life sprang from common ancestry


        • Yes DNA is good enough for conviction in a court of law. Indeed it is far more reliable than eye witness accounts, something Christians should ponder when trumpeting ‘evidence’ for the resurrection.

          But I do not expect that the Christians we engage with are likely to seriously contemplate these matters as scientists are a tool of the Devil, or so I have been told.

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          • Correct. W, J, cs and the like couldn’t give a rat’s a$$about DNA evidence unless it can be twisted to tell their version of Intelligent Design


  2. ‘So simple a Hovind-ite can understand it… if he wants to’

    The key point is whether or not they want to. I don’t think they do. The Bible is an insidious book teaching people that knowledge is evil and that blind faith is a virtue. So ingrained is this indoctrination that is only now, more than two years after my deconversion that I see that the writers of the Bible inserted such passages as a defense against logical argument which they knew they could not counter.

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    • The wife and I are hungry for real scientific evidence and facts after decades of denying reality. The years, relationships and opportunities I lost over the years of my discipleship can never be redeemed but I can sure enough try


  3. But how does one breakthrough to someone like Unklee who accepts evolution and the evidence of the Human Genome Project yet still believes in the resurrection?

    Is this still some form of indoctrination or are such people being willfully ignorant?

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